I am in love and he loves me back but he's too shy to ask me out :( I really like this guy ..... HELP?


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Well, if he is too shy to ask you then just wait for a while first to see maybe if he comes. Then go to him and try to talk to him and make friends with him , make him feel comfortable and then I guess he wouldnt be shy anymore!

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Woah woah woah wait, how do you guys love each other if you're too shy  to even ask each other out?

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Give him time.

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If you are certain that you feel this way about him, and you are certain he feels the same way about you too, it shouldn't be too difficult to put the wheels in motion - you just have to get past a few stumbling blocks...

Firstly, what is the cause of his shyness? Is it simply a personality trait? Or could it be that he is not confident that he will get the response he desires should he dare to confess his feelings. 

It might be worth making it clearer how you feel, either by using emotive language or body language to convey your feelings towards him. If he is able to read how you feel, he may develop the confidence to ask you out.

If he really is just shy by nature, then perhaps the onus is on you to bite the proverbial bullet. I.e., maybe it's you who's going to have to ask him out. 

If you are both as in love with each other as you claim, then it would be a shame to let it go to waste over your pride. Just be confident in knowing that the means will justify the ends.

I hope this helps!

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Then ask him out first, it doesn't always have to be the guy, if he likes you he will say yes :)

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This is a serious situation and also a normal situation... It's up to you how you deal with this. Say something before it's too late. Make him realise your importance and express your feelings about him. One of you has to start this. You have to say to him the three words of love so that something will start and I think you will feel good after this. Just show him how much you care for him and love him. Just hope for the best. Good luck.

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