Is it my fault that guys hate me and ignore me?


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Arthur Wright answered
Maybe its not your exterior here that scares them off but maybe you have an overwhelming personality that scares them. Boys hate girls who are over powering and come on too strong. By what youre describing, I think its more your personality than looks here so you need to adjust your personality and quit trying to rush love so slow down, think about what youre doing and change a few things like be a little more reserved or shy around guys and constantly adjust to the guy and see what happens, and remember God doesnt make junk nor ugly people and we all are unigue and special in our own ways. Remember that no matter what that you are the most beautiful person you know in the world. Don't ever compare yourself to others as we are our worst enemy in this area. God made you very special and has someone out here equally as special as you so when you least expect it, your Knight in shining armor will appear but its then all up to you to know what to do when he does.  So slow down, be patient and above all ele be yourself no matter what anyone else thinks, You truly are the most beautiful person you know, so show it
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Mandy Clark answered
No! If they don't like you, that's their loss. There is someone for everyone. Just be happy and confident and much good will come your way:)
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Arthur Wright answered
Not at all, after all they could never blame you for your attitude here which probably scares away more than attracts guys but thats not your fault either as it is, after all, who you are. Don't change your attitude to someone pleasant and fun to be around otherwise then you could blame yourself for chasing them away. Definitely sounds like someone needs to do an Attitude check here and maybe change some old things to become even better

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