Why do guys Ignore or stop talkin to the girl they have sex with?


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It's to keep you coming, You see girls are just like guys in a way, We'll work as hard as we can to get whatever we want out of a girl but once we get that all the hard work stops. Since we've completed the chase we don't care about it anymore. But what happens when the guy doesnt care? The girl becomes the chaser..

Scenario 2 - You were bad..
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Because they got what they wanted and moved on to another target. But that is only some guys, I find it incredibly rude to do that.And That also means they weren't doing it to you to show you they loved you, but only for the time being when they did it..
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Use and abuse guys are gross.

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Yeup, everyone's answer's are pretty much correct, once they get what they want, they're gone.
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Because they are not into you anymore
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I guess this is because the thing which they wanted from the girl has been given to them, so now they can stop talking to her and after using her they have just thrown her, that's an example! That's why girls should not have sex with every guy they find on roadside, they should choose or think carefully.

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Because  once they get what they want they trow you to the curb like your trash just like they r don't worry about bout just try and find better guys
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No its normal to have a light pink or light brown discharge days after your period... Its just annoying its the end of your period.... You could even skip a day and have it again... But more than likely your probably not pregnant.
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Man, I feel like an idiot lol! That answer was obviously supposed to go to a different question I don't know how I did that! Sorry : /
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Agreed with everyone really, thats al most guys are after, so once they get it... There gone. Its very hard to find someone who is in it for more then just sex

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