Do guys typically have sex with a girl just cause? or does he usually like her or something?


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Generally speaking, younger guys (teens, early 20's), guys enjoy having sex because it eases a sexual hunger they have. They might like the girl they are having sex with - hard to say. Sometimes, it's more to scratch an itch than to nurture a relationship.

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Veronica Vicky
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oh yea, I understand all of that. im almost 20 and ive gone through my fair share of relationship issues either myself or helping friends, trust me, if I don't want to do it then he can take a flying leap if he doesn't respect that. But no, I would never date him, like I said hes just really hard for me to read for some reason. Thanks for the advice !
Danae Hitch
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Sometimes, Veronica, it's simply best if you ask straight out if you really want to get to the bottom on your curiosity. If you've already tried to get a read on his body language and any cues he's given you and you're totally stumped, that is.

Also, I'm glad you know your boundaries. That's most excellent. Oh - welcome to Blurtit! Good to see you here!
Veronica Vicky
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Thanks! :)
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"Trousered apes" do so.

Men of "real sensibilities" realize that if two people's hearts and minds are not involved as well, such interactions tend to be much less than satisfying.

So they tend to avoid such occasions.

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Men (and especially boys) do much of their thinking below the waist. Like women, some discriminate, some do not.

As a rule of thumb you can assume that if it's available he's going to go for it. Gratification trumps romance every time.

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