Im a 19 year guy and i met a 13 year old girl is it morally wrong or illegal to do stuff with her except sex?


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You had to know what the answer to that was before you even asked it. It's not only wrong it's very illegal. And since you are 19 it's called adult up most all of your rights...being labeled as a pedophile, having to register as a sex offender for the rest of your life and having your picture plastered on the local/ national sex offender registry.. Your choice. The "except sex" part of the question makes no sense....unless you plan on just behaving like pals and not having sex in the first place.
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He just means to hang around each other and go out together. He doesn't mean sex. Gosh. And not having sex doesn't mean that oh, they MUST be pals. Honestly. Poor boy. I'd say just keep your hands off her. Hugging sure, kissing, I don't know...maybe. But the closer you are the more you'd want to be together sexually, usually anyway. So don;t do so much physical contact.

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