I have a huge crush on my best friend's Mother. What is the best way to resolve this situation?


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Having a crush on your best friend's mother is a tricky situation to be in!

My advice would be to stay loyal to your BFF, and stay away from the MILC (mother I'd like to cuddle).

What to do if you have the hots for your best friend's mom
As alluring and seductive as your best friend's mom might seem, there are some serious consequences to making a move on her.

Here's a quick list of the risks you'd be running if you choose to try it on with your best friend's mom:

  • Your best friend may never speak to you again (he'll unfriend you from Facebook at the very least).
  • She might turn you down, which would be very embarrassing (forget awkward turtle, we're talking awkward diplodocus levels of social discomfort).
  • She may take you up on your offer, which could mean having to engage in "romantic liaisons" with the woman who's birth canal your best friend first emerged from (ewww).
In short, there are some women who - as hot or sexy as they may seem - are simply a no-go. Your best friend's mom certainly falls into this category.

Getting over your best friend's mom
Although giving up on the woman of your dreams is no easy task, here's a couple of things that'll help you get over that sexy mama:

  • Hook up with someone else. You'll be surprised how much easier it is to move on when you're spending some quality time with someone else.
  • Avoid seeing your best friend's mom. The less time you spend together, the easier it will be to get over this forbidden love.
  • If all else fails, you could try leaving town. Why not book a holiday? (You could try a cruise. They're usually full of mature women).

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