What is the best way to get revenge on a so called friend?


4 Answers

millicent williams Profile
In the best Klingon tradition "revenge is a dish best served cold" or in other words let it lie for a while then when they think you have forgotten about it :-  do your worst!
Nadya Bean Profile
Nadya Bean answered
Say theres something on your face
theyll be all self concious about it
then u slap them and say PAIN!!!!!!
i did it today to someone on the bus home and i yelled VICTORY!!!!
So you see, theres a whole slew of words
Starma Scorpio Profile
Starma Scorpio answered
Let Karma get em cause Karma is a b!tc* and if you take revenge it is you who Karma will bite in the butt.
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Let it go as revenge is never worth the effort and they will get theirs oneday so let it dies for now

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