What Should I Do? He Likes Me But I Dont Like Him.


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Tell him ... Im sorry but i dont have feelings for u anymore !x
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You should tell him your sense.
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Alexis Marie &&single!! YAY!! :)
I told him last night that im still in love with my ex.... But he wont listen he keep tryin..... And i dont wanna be with him..... I swear ppl get on my nerves... And hes a freak......... So yeh.... And tehn there is other stuff going on........ And omg..... Im sooo done with everything. But thanks... :)
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Give him the it not you it me routine......
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Tell him directly that u don't like him.
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Tell Him   I Don't Think We Are Clicking..  It Looks Like You Are Not My Type.. You Are Special In Your Own Way And You Would Make A Great Boyfriend To A Girl  Just Not Me

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