There's This Guy, I Might Like Him. But He Is A Player! What Should I Do?


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Sadly, players don't usually change. Good ones know just what to say to pull you in closer. You're better off moving on, It's going to be one of the hardest you will have to do, but think about it, players only love, when they're playing. One day, he's going to hurt you "emotionally" so you are better off moving on now, then getting hurt later on, because if you move on now, you're not going to hurt as bad and as long as you would when he breaks your heart. I know from many past experiences. Ignore him completely, after a week It wont be as hard, but in the mean time, look for another guy. Find him an you'll forget about Mr. Player. DON'T GIVE IN, he will say and do whatever it takes to keep you right where he wants you. An by ignoring him, you're eliminating those opportunities for him to pull you back in. You always have friends and family to get you through. Oh, an always get a background check before getting too close to a guy. Just remember, players...they're are all the same.
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You should be cautious. Don't give in to the cuteness, it is his lure. Let him chase after you for a while but wait to give in, and you will be able to see if his act is real of just another line meant to lure you into his bed!
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Stay away from him! I am dealing with the same thing right now. Dont keep wishing he will forget about other girls because he wont because he is just that way.
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You should see if he is ready to stop being a player, or just play him back. I recently have been in the same situation but I have gone for the not go there option cause it's too much hassle at the end of the day... Don't set your self up for heart each
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I really would find someone else to like, obviously, he doesn't really care about the ladies if he is playing them all. He is only out for himself and his satisfaction. Believe me, I have seen it many times, and he will most likely use you for money too. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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Oh the bad boy, why do we love them so....LOL...well you said it yourself he is a player, if you want to play the game with him at least you know what you are getting into to begin with.....I wouldn't expect him to change anytime soon, after all you stated that you like him not that he likes you. So he must have some great charm and he sounds like he is having fun with like him and have fun (but guard your heart) don't go in blind.
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Not trying to be a negitive answer but if he has had a lot of "ex-girlfriends" hes been through some relationsships...since hes been in so many some girls think hes a player but there just drama queens...if you like him don't let some chick tell you can tell if he is by him flirting with one girl and then another and so on...
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Keep distance! Otherwise you would be hurt. If he loves, he will stop, can not force him.
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I say forget about him because I was in the same situation and I got played really hard. I'm still hurting over this whole situation...
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Get away while you can, I was in the same situation and now I'm stuck. I can't seem to stay away from him. Like last night he left me with his two kids while he went to the bar and an after party.. Got home at 9 in the morning with a girl from the bar.. I think I know where he stayed at last night. My intentions from the beginning were to just be friends.. But sometimes you can't help but to feel more.
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I'm in the same situation :(
I met this guy from my school quite a while ago and he seemed really nice and his smile just made me feel special. Soon after, I'd noticed he was a real player and friends told me not to bother but I just can't stop thinking about him. I feel excited when I wake up for school just thinking I might have a chance to meet him or to get a quick hi and one of his gorgeous smiles. He talked to me on facebook for a couple of days and always put x's after everything he wrote. It was nice to seem important to him :) then he just stopped talking, always put his head down when I passed him in the halls or on the stairs and continually flirts with other girls in my year. Ive tried to say hi but he either doesnt reply or I'm too shy. Please, I need to know what to do. I keep thinking he is the guy I saw in him before; the one who waited at the bottom of the stairs to hold the door open for me and give me a smile as I passed.
I can't get him out of my head...
(ps he is gorgeous)
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I'm in the same situation. I guess get to know him, if you like him and you are pretty positive he likes you, then hook up. See where things go from there if you get hurt and he plays you, you're obviously not going to be the first, but who knows things may work out! Take a chance if it's for an opportunity at a great relationship or possible love!
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As a guy I would say to forget him " like" is for a moment "marriage"(love) is for life and what he doing to others he will eventually do to other words he is not a man as judge joe brown says
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Don't beat him at his own game...if you know he likes you and you like him try it just keep your heart guarded..thats the best the thing and also your young and people change
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Stay away from him as if he is a player he will only use you and hurt you so find a boy more stable and not a player
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Trust your own instincts Tannis as these other girls might just be jealous and are trying to put you off as they're interested in him as well !
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I'm in the same position.

There is this guy I like. When we first met he seemed to want to date me and seemed to be really interested in me. We had a laugh and everything seemed great. He got what he wanted and ignored me for 6 weeks. Then when we started talking again there was no flirting and I started to come to terms with the fact that we were just going to be friends. Then we slept together and since then it has been harder to forget about him. I am trying to get over him but its so hard. No other guy is distracting me from him.

So, if you can help it don't go there. Once he has you sucked in a little it is hard to escape.
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I am in this situation and I don't know what to do...
He can seem really nice, I guess I don't know him that well though
but he is gorgeous and knows it haha.
And he does always keep trying it on with me, except I'm usually too drunk to do anyhting about it haha
but when he is drunk he tries to get with other girls, but mostly me... Well, after he gives up on me (because I am too drunk) he goes and gets with other girls...

But I don't know, I am having a party soon and I don't know what I will do if he tried it on..

But I kjnow everyone is going to say leave it and don't even bother, but I am so attracted to him!

But I guess the sensible thing would be to not bother. But my advice to myself, and to you, is that is life any fun if you don't take risks?
Good luck!
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I'm in the same situation too. I'm not even sure if I like this guy but I can't stop thinking about him so maybe thats a sign I do. He is a ladies man and he knows it. He told me a couple of days ago that he is sick of girls falling in love with him. So up himself. So why am I still hanging by his every word, sitting by my phone waiting for him to text me, picturing him rocking up to my house unexpected? I know I should stay away. Keep my distance at least until I can go back to not caring about him and just flirting back. But I really can't. This time it feels different. Or maybe I just wish it would be different.

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