What If I Like A Guy And He Smokes But He Is Really Cute? Should I Date Him?


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Um it just depends on if you mind a guy who smokes!
If you don't mind smoking then go for it!
If you don't like it then don't date him!
you could ask him to maybe not smoke around you or something
but at the same time don't try and change him!
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As for me, I do not like girls who smoke and I don't think I'll ever get used to It. And I don't want to have a relationship with a girl who smokes, this is not acceptable for me and I just hate it. Even when I chat with a girl on social networks or on online dating I almost immediately ask if she smokes. For example, recently I started talking with a girl on this site https://hookupmasters.com/adult-dating-sites/xmeets-review/ but then I found out that she smokes and we didn't meet in real life

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If you don't smoke you are always going to smell like cigarette smoke, and second hand smoke is deadly.  Cute is not a reason to like a person. A person can be cute on the outside and ugly on the inside..Looks only last for a while.
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carol washington
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Good point, cute is a sorry way to sum up why you like someone. If you really are into someone that smokes, save his life help him quite smoking. Don't watch him go from cute to coffin.
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Well you can't change someone, and why do you want to even go down that road. Second hand smoke do kill so stay away from him. And cute is a good reason to like someone you should be physical attracted to the person you like.
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My bf use to smoke and I have dated smokers in the past. Yeah it doesn't taste great and it makes your clothes and surroundings stink, but if you really like the guy and he treats you right then smoking shouldn't be an issue...
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Have you talked to him about his habit,that should shed a little light on his personality,most people don't want to hear about themselves,just ask how he got started and has he ever considered quiting,so a friendly conversation,don't tell him nor ask him to quit just throw the question out,and remember beauty is skin deep, ugly is to the bone beauty fades away and ugly holds its own and this saying is referring to looks not action or personality...good luck
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If the smoking doesn't bother you than it is okay depends on how you feel

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