How To Make Your Boyfriend Feel Guilty?


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Trying to make your boyfriend feel guilty is childish and immature. Even if you succeed, you'll have achieved nothing. If your boyfriend has upset you, tell him! Talk about it and resolve the issue rather than trying to make him feel bad - you won't make any progress as a couple unless you communicate.

Instead of trying to make your boyfriend feel guilty, try one of these instead:
  • Let him know you're angry and upset. That in itself is likely to make him feel guilty, but at least he'll know what he's done wrong.
  • Find a different way to express those negative emotions - write them down, or play sport.
  • Talk about it. This is so much better than trying to make him feel guilty, even if it does get a bit heated.
  • Ask yourself what's more important - getting revenge, or continuing the relationship.

If you still find yourself wanting to make your boyfriend feel guilty, even after discussing the matter, then you should probably reconsider your relationship. Either you're not right for each other, or you're not ready for a mature relationship.
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* when he trys to make conversation look at him that second longer look down at the ground then look back up and give him a hurt/fake smile
* when he asks what's up ( cause all men are clueless and need to be told) say"...(hold the silence)....."it doesn't matter"
*his (typical responce , " well it obviously does"
* yours " I'm upset at what happened, I'm also even more upset now that you don't know what you've done, I really love you, I don't want to argue, just drop it :( :( "
if he doesn't feel guilty from this he has no heart and should go die :)
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Ignore him.
Give him small answers like: Yes. No. Maybe.
If he asks if you're okay, say: "Perfectly fine".
If he says "No, you're not", ignore him.
He'll feel bad.
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Simple - don't talk to him. Make him feel your pain. When he starts to stop talking to you, don't talk to him because you miss him. Just wait.  If he doesn't answer his last message(s), let it be.
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He should already feel guilty. If he doesn't, then he doesn't deserve you. Rather then trying to make him feel bad, you should let him know point blank that he hurt you. Tell him when and why what he did hurt you so much. If he cares for you, he won't repeat the action.
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Right I need this help too. Tonight my boyfriend sacked me off to go drinking with his 'friends'. I'm pissed off because I haven't seen him in a week because of all the work we've been doing. All I wanted was for him to come and walk my dog with me so I could see him - but he said he can't come and meet me, because he's got to get ready to go out. He's not like this but I think it's got to do with me going out drinking with my friends next week. He's very over-protective and gets a bit stupid sometimes, but I didn't think it would come to this. I love him very much but he's doing my head right in, so I'd like to give him a big juicy guilt trip, because he might not even know what he's done wrong.
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Don't. If he hasn't done anything bad and you're being stupid that's how he'll break up with you - and if he has done something bad like cheat, then dump his a**...

Anyway, just give him the silent treatment and look him with teary eyes. The silent treatment doesn't make him feel guilty but would annoy him. I'd just say to play a prank.
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Don't, guilt is a negative emotion and you may succeed but then you may not get the desired effect either. If a guy tries to make me feel guilty it is a huge turn-off and pushes me away. If that is what you want, then whine about him hurting your feelings or give him the silent treatment, act real indifferent, and pout a lot.
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Well my boyfriend go the hump with me because I didn't ring him back on his mobile, and he just hung up the phone without saying 'bye or love you !!! What did I do wrong to deserve that???x
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Why would you want to make someone you love feel guilty??? If he has done something to feel guilty about, then the guilt will set in, in its own time
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Are you retarded or something? If you truly loved them, you wouldn't want to make them feel guilty. What is it with sick people who just use people - then if they don't get what they want, they just break up or hurt the person in a conspicious way to get back at them? It's just wrong.

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