What is the worse thing you had done that your parents don't know?


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Rath Keale answered

My brother and I, and his friends, we're completely unsupervised as children.  We lived on a river.  Every spring we borrowed wood from the lumber yard to make rafts.  We discovered a tank of coal oil behind a store one day and collected oil in buckets we borrowed from various garages.  We took the coal oil out on our rafts and dribbled it on top of the water.  When we reached shore, we flicked lit matches onto the water and set the river on fire.  It was so exciting!  Except that the whole village was very upset.  The police came.  Questioned me because I was a little girl with thick glasses.  I told them about fictitious kids from somewhere else.  They believed me.  Two weeks later we did it again!  None of the parents ever knew.

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Nadya Bean answered
When i was 10 i stole a bag of candy from bulk barn
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Umm i went to cali and back with b4 and my parents never found out
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Arthur Wright answered
I was a very naughty little boy with all the neighborhood girls where we lived in Upper Michigan and especially since I was only 5 or 6

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