Tell Me About The Worst Punishment You Had When You Were A Child?


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Worst Punishment... Hm.. I'd say when me and my mom spanked me with a belt at approximately 47 MPH...
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I would say the one time I made my grandmother cry.
I don't even remember what I did or said but once she started I knew I was in trouble.
Can't remember what my punishment was, but there was a punishment in waiting for my parents to come home - I do remember waiting and waiting for what was to come. That was probably the most punishment I can recall
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Chiva stand for an hour.
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My worst punishment came on one of those beautiful but rare days in Texas when it snowed.  My Dad allowed me to drive the family car that day because it was too cold for me to talk to school.  My GF and I decided to skip school for the last 1/2  day and show back up at our respective homes at the normal time.  Unfortunately, I love to drive in the country when it has just snowed, it is so serene and beautiful.  So, off my GF and I went.  I got lost as a goose.  It was well after time that we should have been home when I finally found my way back home.  There was my Mother waiting.  She did not say a single word other than, "We have been worried to death, your Dad is out walking in the snow trying to find you and see if you are dead in a ditch."  Mother sent me out to look for him.  It took quite a while but up ahead I saw him bent over against the wind and tramping through the snow.  That was absolutely the worst punishment I have ever had in my entire life, up to and including this day.  Dad got in the car and asked, "Where have you been and are you OK?"  I told him that I had skipped school and gotten lost.  He only said one thing - "You can not drive the car again until I give you permission."  Not another word of reproach from him or my Mother.  I never, ever did skip school again.  And, like I said, they both could have beat me with a baseball bat and it would have been no worse than the picture I carry in my head to this day of my Dad walking all bent over and clutching his coat against the cold.
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I got expelled for hitting my biology teacher with a pencil. I threw a pencil at my friend and he ducked and it hit the teacher.I was sent to the principal  office and given a choice between a paddling or a three day suspension. I chose the latter. I did not tell my parents and rode the bus to school and laid out all day coming back when  school was over to ride the bus home again. I thought I could intercept the letter informing my parents of the suspension and throw it away before my dad got home from work. But wouldn't you know it  ..the one time that year he came home early.  He came to the school looking for me and interrogated .my best friend as to my  whereabouts When I got on the bus that evening my friend told me what had happened. That was the longest bus ride I ever took.
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When my mom forced me to open and close my door like 50times because I slammed it.
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My parents caught me smoking. They took me home and my dad wore my butt out with a belt.
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My parents believe in spanking as punishment, and the worst thing I remember is when I got spanked for something I didn't even do, but my sister lied about it. She eventually told the truth, but nothing has ever made me forget that day.
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When my dad told me that I was going to have to pick the switch off the tree. He said if it was too small he'd pick it out & it would be worse. So there I was thinking god, I don't want one too big but if its too small..... I was scared to death.

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