Can You Give Your Child A Wedgie As A Punishment?


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Giving your child a wedgie isn't a very orthodox form of punishment.

If you're dishing out wedgies as a deterrent, you run the risk of sending out the wrong message to your kids (and society at large).

I'd recommend finding a better way of dealing with your child's behavioral problems.

Parents who give their kids wedgies as punishment

Punishment and discipline is always a touchy subject among parents. Every parent wants well-behaved children who stay out of trouble, but the best way to achieve that is up for debate.

Some people prefer taking a hard line against indiscipline to try and 'scare' bad behavior out of their children, while others take a more considerate approach.

Of all the different parenting techniques I've come across, this is the first time I've heard of anyone giving their child a wedgie as a form of punishment.

A wedgie is usually seen as a childish, school-ground prank. Is that really the kind of behavior you want to use to discipline your children?

It will just make you look foolish and immature.

Wedgies used as discipline Apart from the fact that wedgies don't make a very effective behavior management tool, the appropriateness of subjecting your children to them is also questionable.

As an adult, do you really think it is appropriate to pull on a child's underwear so as to cause them pain and discomfort in their genital region? Is that the only form of punishment you can think of?

If you genuinely believe it is, I won't even bother suggesting you watch Super Nanny - I'd suggest you just book yourself in for a psychiatric evaluation instead!
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NO, I think it is wrong .
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You can.

It won't be effective and it will teach the child to behave inappropriately.

It would make much more sense to read a couple of books on child-rearing, and develop better approaches to discipline.

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