How does a straight man commit homosexual acts and still consider himself straight?


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He can not. A heterosexual man can in his past have had homosexual lovers, and later in life have only heterosexual liasons. He would then be considered heterosexual. Any person living a life that includes sexual liasons with the same sex, in an ongoing timeline is considered Gay. A man or woman who has sexual relations with same sex and opposite sex partners, during a timeline, ( back and forth ) would be labeled as Bi-sexual.
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Pro tip: He doesn't and won't.

Heterosexual means HETEROSEXUAL.  That means male who is sexually attracted to women ONLY.

We can't change you; you therefore can't change us.

If a man engages in a homosexual act with another male, he is no longer straight and never was.  In the old days back in the late 70s we called this The Straight Paradox.  Nothing's changed. 

Date other gay men and stop the thirst.

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Actually he is the only one who can declare his sexuality, and even
then he doesn't owe an explanation. In the same way that some lesbians
who like both genders but overwhelmingly prefer woman over men still
call themselves lesbians, straight people can call themselves straight
if they prefer the opposite gender over the same gender. I identify as
straight woman although I am attracted to some androgynous-looking
girls, but it's not enough to want to date them or want to do it with
them. I identify as straight or maybe even hetero-flexible lol. I don't
even know, but the point is that I am the only one who decides it. If I
had sex with a woman tomorrow I could still say I'm straight. Sorry, I
know that might be a hard thing to accept.

There is the possibility of him lying to himself or you because of how society is to gay people, but my point still stands.

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