What's The Most Painful Way To Give A Thong Wedgie?


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Thongs are in a way a wedgie allready...but just yank up sharply to make more, if its to give to yourself then buy a thong that to small for you then give yourself a shoulder wedgie.
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Well, a thong is up your crack anyways, so you should just catch her when she's wearing normal panties. Then just grab the top of the panties and pull up until they rip.

And don't be so childish!
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Shame on you for wanting to cause pain to another person!!!  If you cause pain to another person, assault charges could be filed.  Keep your hands to yourself.
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Fnutter, to answer the question you asked: This question came up in a list of questions that needed answers...consequently, I answered. The question and my answer are from one year ago, if you notice. How did you find it?
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The same way berrybye did! Hahahhaha ;)
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I want a wedgie not to give one

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