Thong Or Panties? What Do You Wear?


10 Answers

Jasper Johnson Profile
Jasper Johnson answered
What do -I- wear??? I wear thongs, unless I'm on my period
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Well depending on what I'm wearing mostly panties real cute ones of course
But for after hours I put on thongs ....
Steve H Profile
Steve H answered
Mostly thongs. Panties once or twice a week, but mostly thongs. The selection is almost unlimited and they can be had for next to nothing. I get mine from 99 cents stores. I like the frilly ones with lace, ruffles, bows and tie sides.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I wear panties.  I have never worn, nor do I own any thong-type panties.
AJ Profile
AJ answered
Thongs are the best!  You really don't know that they are there, cooler and most comfortable!  It is all I own!
Bert Profile
Bert answered
I;m a man,I wear nylon panties,no thongs or strings for me!!
Lee Jay Profile
Lee Jay answered
I do wear thongs on occassions, but usually I wear panties.  My wife does love to give me a wedgie when I am wearing a thong (she calls it butt floss) but for everyday wear it is panties for me.

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