Do You Wear Thongs With Pantyhose?


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I do. I love the way pantyhose feel, but like my equipment to be well supported, without losing the great feeling of pantyhose on my backside. I am straight, married with children, and have been wearing panties for 40 years now, and pantyhose recently for leg stimulation. I wish I had known about PH earlier. Wife likes pantyhose on me better than she likes my panties, but is OK with both. Daughter is not so OK with my sheer pantyhose as much as those that have more of a "panty" to them. I am thinking of shaving my legs, but don't know yet what wife would say. Comments?
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Interesting question ... No I do not wear a thong with (underneath) pantyhose.  But yes I do shave my legs (my wife wouldn't let me not) but my wife was the one who insisted and, once she got me to start wearing panties full-time, she also insisted I shave or wax my legs and my crotch as well.

As for your Daughter's comment about "panty-line" well a mirror will tell you if that is true or not.  It is not so much the panty, be it in panties or pantyhose, but what we have in the tush ... That is what others see and though mine is not big I have had several gals comment on what a cute tush I have!

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