Why Do Men Wear Thongs Bras And Underwear?


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I am a  24 year old male and have been wearing bras things and knickers since I was about 12 I told my mum when I was 13 and I continued till I was about 17 then I met my girl friend as I met my girl friend and son I thought it would freak her out after being together for 2 years I was missing the bras ect so I told her and she accepted it so I wear them everyday just like I use to I am not a ts tg or even a crossdresser womens underwear is not even a sexual thing it's just more comfy and makes me feel better I bet there are 1000s like me.
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I am male and yes I wear thongs, bras and other items of lingerie.  My wife, back when we were dating, got me started wearing panties each and every day (made it easier for her to pick a gift for me) and then with her encouragment we started adding other items of lingerie.  She knows that I like the look and feel of sexy lingerie, even under my drab clothes, and she likes it too ... Especially seeing me in bra and panties which turns her on.  In fact a few years ago she got rid of the last few pieces I had of male undies ... Her reasoning was that they were just taking up space in my lingerie drawer and she was right.  So now each day when I am getting dressed I get to choose from my lingerie drawer what I will wear, selecting something for my mood ... So even if my clothes are drab, if I am wearing sexy lingerie I still feel sexy.
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Men like to wear thongs, bras and panties because they like to feel like they are women and that they have the breasts and genitals of a pretty woman.
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I wear myself female underwear legging and a body suit, feels nice
it started 25 years ago, and it feels nice
aswell other female clothing like a jeans but people will see that.
I wonder why it happens is it in the food chemical oestrogen we take while we eat normal food
it must have a reason why men like to use female underwear etc
sometimes I think it is weird to wear sloggi or triump but it turns me on and know it is feminine.
only I suspect it is due to the foodchain or medication whatever why I develop this habit, wich I actually like
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Either because they are transvestites or because they are leaning towards being transsexuals

google these 2 words for more information, so I don't have to blush...

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