Do Women Like It When Men Wear Bras?


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Lee Jay answered
My wife was the one that got me to start wearing a bra and now that I do she thinks it is great.  Of course having a proper fitting bra is critical.  But when you do, WOW, how good it feels.  Sure I have gotton a few odd looks, but most people don't seem to notice or if they do pay much attention to the fact that I have breasts ... Albeit maybe because I am not that big (wear a B-cup).  But I've had a few women comment and their comments have been positive.
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Klaus Strumpffan
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like you my wife suggested that I should wear a bra. Although it took some time until I accepted now I love it to wear a bra whenever possible.
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Christina answered
I seriously doubt that women would find that appealing but who knows they say there is someone out there for everyone.
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My wife don't.  Wish she did
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I seriously doubt the average woman would find that a turn on.

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