Do women like it when men shave their private area and ass?


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YOU know you have to take care of texas (southern region)women don't want a big ol hairy tarantula down there up keep is a priority the old lady says trim it pal
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Yes definitely. What you want from me I want from you. Ha ha.  Nassy I couldn't say it any better even if I wanted to.
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Typically the answer is's a form of clean health for one thing. Usually a matter of preference. It is not necessarily done to "look like a porn star". Comfort helps dictate my preference.
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Doesn't matter, it depends on what the women prefers. Many prefer you to be natural, so maybe begin by trimming and then ask the girl if she wishes you to shave.
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I do not mind the pubic hair but I do not like like men with hairy back side, I mean in the butt-cheeks. Have some waxing done there.
Shall we propose the same question to you?  I do believe you have your answer...hahahaha...‚ô•Nassy
That was  the best question out of the 80+ I've answered all night...thanks my dear...{{{hugs}}}
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I used to shave my pubic hair but I stopped that two years ago.  I now have a "free range" pubic mound.  I like the men I go to bed with to have natural pubic hair ,also, because I want them to look like men, not little boys.
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I have a landing strip down there and I also shave my underarm and girls seem to love it!
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My husband shaves.And yes I prefer.but if he wanted to keep the cavey look thats fine by me to.because he is my husband after all.
I guess its nice that men take better care of their looks now. Thumbs up from me.
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Some women like you to shave some don't I would personally like watever the man was comfortable with and I would like himto think the same about me.
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Years ago an airline stewardess between flights was staying overnight in the state I was in and said she wanted me to shave my nuts before we meet up at the hotel.
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I have my pubic hair trimmed down to a 'landingstrip' style and all the girl I have been with so far love it!
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I'll have to re-question you with Nassy's question too, so do you?
Well my answer to you is, for me it don't matter. It still look funny with or without it ;p.
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I like my man to trim because when he shaves it looks like a little boy with a big Pen!$
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See idc its up 2 the guy I mean if it looks like  tarantula (good 1 btw) ewww no bt some hair is fine I don't care lol

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