What Do People Think Of Men Wearing Women`s Panties?


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Several years ago I had a few pair of mens briefs (without A fly) that resembled my wifes panties I grabbed a pair out of the laundy basket slipped them on through my pants on and went to work. I notice imediately they feel great, by mid morning I notice I had not had to pull them up because they were creeping down over my butt. They didn't bind around the legs and the waist band didnot roll down and they gave great support. They felt fabulous! Over the last several years a tried briefs boxers and boxer briefs they all had one thing in common - torcher for the male anatomy. Today I made the big decision. I went to a Victoria Secret bought 5 pair of black high leg briefs ( no lace ) and put a pair on. I have enjoyed the first day of comfort in as long as I can remember. It was like taking a rock out of my shoe. The only thing that even comes close in mens briefs is the jockey elegance on second thought it isn't that close. Women you have to decide if your guy wears lace and bras but don't judge him if he wear panties life is to short to wear mens they are horrible." is pending, you must confirm your email address first
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I think it is ok for men to experiment with their underwear choices and that includes panties.
I wear them, but I don't advertise that I am wearing them. It isn't anyone else's business.
I have tried on many different types of mens underwear, and have decided that I still prefer the fit, style and comfort that panties have over them. Thats my personal preference, and my own choice to make. I'm not interested in what others think of my underwear choices, that's my privacy and they don't have any say in the matter.
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I am the wife of Pantywaist and I think it is great ... Very sexy!!!
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Thats it kind of really nasty, and really unattractive

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