What Is The Best Way Of Disciplining Teenagers When They Misbehave?


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Ground them or take things away. Phone, Car, T.V., I-Pod...
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Depends on the maturity level of the teenager...   With some rationalization has been effective, while others require consequences to get their attention, yet some need strict discipline....  There honestly are no simple solutions if you truly care about their development and well being!
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Brisingr17 is right. Communication is the key. Patience most of all.  Teens are very difficult to reach. You need to speak THEIR lingo to get through to them.  Punishing a teen is NOT effective at all. It just makes the situation even worse than it already is.  I am glad that I was a good teen. I never gave my parents a horrible time like most teenagers do. I never got in trouble with the law either.
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Take their drugs and booze away from them and beat them regularly.
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Thanks Jackyl
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Parents have had the same problems with their kids for ions, and they always were the worst generation ever. Platitudes do not work, they sound good but are useless. The only cure is time and maturity. Then when they have their own they'll be asking the same questions.
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In my experience, meaningful, relate-able lectures work. No need to raise your voice, that only makes things worse. If you come down to their level and speak compassionately and honestly with them, they will respond. Communication is key.
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My mom had an excellent way of getting my attention.

She would threaten to take away my keys to the station wagon, so I couldn't use "the rolling brothel" on the weekends.
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A stiff belt usually belittles them!! This is a joke....If u talk enough to your kid, then this devil will not raise his ugly head. You must know about ur kids life and stay on top of it which is not an easy task...especially when parents have a J O B. It is hard to keep up with them.
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Oh i usually get a little mad, but ignoring them is the best policy.
Never hit a kid it not good carma.
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The first thing I did was make them help me with the housework, starting in the bathroom. If schoolwork was the issue, I used to limit or turn off their ability to access the computer until they earned it back.

One time, one climbed out the window, but he came back when he got tired and hungry and he realized he didn't have anywhere safe to go. Another time, one told me he was going to leave home and take the tent with him, but he came back after walking toward the river, where the homeless live, and getting too tired (and probably scared) to go on.
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Lock them in the closet, HaHa... When they are over 14, good luck because they will lock you in the closet... Take their "American Idol" Away from them. That usually does the job...

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