I'm Going Swimming With My Boyfriend Next Week In A Public Indoor Pool. What Can I Do To Turn Him On?


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Lily Bradic answered
Wear something that you know he'll like, and touch him a lot - you don't want to turn him on too much though, as it'll be embarrassing for him if he gets an erection in public!

Tips For Turning Your Boyfriend On In A Public Pool Without Going Too Far
  • Hug him and wrap your legs around his waist.
  • Grab his butt through his swimming shorts.
  • Just stay close to him in general - touch him on the back, the arms, wherever really. It's not often you get the chance to be nearly-naked together in public, so even little touches when you're both not wearing very much should turn him on.
  • Respect the fact that he might not want to be turned on in public. He might just want to splash around and have fun.
  • Do the subtle things you'd normally do to turn him on, just underwater. Sometimes being in public is enough of a thrill for him to find something sexier than usual.

Remember to respect the other people in the pool. Be subtle about it, don't make out, and make sure there aren't any kids around!
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The basic touching underwater ,even though you are somewhere someone might see, is a classic turn-on for a guy because it's like his basic dream to have a little fun in public.

If that doesn't work, have him chase you around the pool, reach for his dick to show you are for real about this.
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 I think that you will have to just touch him. Be sexual in everything. Wear a really revealing swim suit and it will be fine

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Being in a bathing suit and being wet from the pool should be enough to turn him on. If not, then the problem is with him.

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