How many men wear thongs?


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There are no official figures of how many men are wearing thongs today, but one thing is certain, the number is growing. There are 10 very good reasons for men to wear a thong:

1. They do what they say on the box.
2. Provide exceptional support and ball control
3. They are incredibly comfy
4. Provide a clean line free look under tight fitting clothes
5. Reduce the risk of testicular trauma
6. Avoid uncomfortable and unintended 'wedgies' common with traditional briefs
7. Are much cooler during warm weather and thus may reduce bacterial or yeast infections in the groin area
8. Smaller to pack away when travelling, easier to wash and quicker to dry.
9. Generally cheaper, because there is less to them
10. Increase sense of autonomy knowing you are wearing something because you choose to and despite others beliefs and values.

For a long time, thongs have been seen as the preserve of women and any man wearing them was seen as feminine, particularly in the UK. But top designers and manufacturers are producing more and more thongs designed for men and they are seeing sales increase.

It is hard to say whether this represents a change in social attitudes, or simply a change in fashion, but most likely it is a combination of the two.

In the hit film 'Borat' the lead character of the same name wears what is known as a 'mankini' which is somewhere between a woman's swimsuit and a man's thong. While this movie was a spoof and it was intended as a joke, it has certainly raised awareness of male thong wearing.
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I do.  Only in the summer.  I don't wear a thong for a sexual reason, heat really bothers me and I find wearing one to be much cooler and comfortable.  I don't think it's a turn on for my wife but she also doesn't seem to mind either.  I don't advertise this but I also don't care who knows and what they think.  I'm comfortable with who I am.   And I'm not bi or gay either.
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My girl has me wear her thongs a lot, they are a lot better than boxers, more so n the summer! I would wear just that if ppl wouldn't judge you.. And assume your gay or W/E..
Aeron Hepponstall
How do guys wear a thong with there ball sack not having somrthing to hold it in place??
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I think lot of men like to wear ,
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I am a mother of the young guys (17 and 19). The older wears only boxers, the younger started wearing thongs a couple of years ago. At first it was a shock for me, but I have to admit that with his body they are really the best option. Now that I am accustomed I asked the older one if he wants also to wear thongs but he is not attracted at all. Tastes!
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Anyone that says it's gay is obviously closed minded and/or old fashioned. And people like that are afraid of change or things that are outside the norm. I'm a straight guy and I have a good few gay friends. Few of them actually like thongs. So, I don't believe thongs are worn by boys or men that are gay. But by people that walk to the beat of a different drummer. And yes, I wear thongs too.
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When my wife and I were dating, on our second date she 'discovered' I x-dressed on occasions, including wearing panties.  Finding out that I enjoyed it she wanted to know if I was wearing panties under my boy clothes that night and when I said 'no' she saw no reason I shouldn't or couldn't.  She made me promise I would and she would do a panty check next time just to make sure I kept my word.  I did, which excited her, and with her encouragement I soon was wearing panties full time.  In fact a year later, when we were married, under our wedding clothes we were wearing matching lingerie and six months later she threw away the last of my male undies, since I hadn't worn them in almost a year and a half and, as she said, they were just taking up space in my lingerie drawer.
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Much more than what we could think of. For male the panties fabric is more comfortable than what we imaging. They absorbs the sweat moist better and avoid that itching between the legs...
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I certainly wear guys thongs all the time my wife likes me to and buys them for me. She also bought me a minuscule flesh coloured male g-string which I wear sometimes.
I was embarrassed when the skimpy tell tale triangle of material slipped out in front of my wife friend but she thought it was cool, even more so when my wife told her I wore strings sometimes !
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I wear panties everyday! It is all I own and will never go back to mens underwear again! I have dozens of pairs of thongs and g-strings, they are SO much more comforable and cooler and fit 1000% better!
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I am a straight married male. For the past year I have been wearing women's thongs and panties daily. At last count I have 86 pairs. Most are thongs, but also have g-strings and bikinis, too. I like lace, ruffles, bows and tie sides in feminine colors such as pink, lilac, etc. The sexier the better. I look and feel great in them.
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And I thought my 29 pairs was alot!
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My gf liked seeing me in the one thong I owned. We went to many stores to find more and couldnt find any so one day she bought me a lacy pair from the womens department and I have to say they feel fantastic. I now have about 20 pair of womens thongs in many colors and materials. They are softer and much more comfortable than any mans thong Ive worn
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I've been wearing thongs for many years. I wear other 'regular' type womens underwear as well. They fit, feel and look fantastic on me and I am a gay man. I'm glad to see so many posts for this feed, I just wish guys would relax and drop the orientation factor out for reason to wear.
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I wear thongs. I am 19 years old now and I started when I was about 16. I'm gay, so just the image of a guy wearing a thong turns me on big time. I decided to try one because of this and I was amazed at how comfy it is. It takes a tiny bit of getting used to but they feel better than anything else. Plus it is a good way for me to have a little bit of a girly side.
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I have a 14 year old son who started wearing thong swimwear under board shorts a few weeks ago, he wanted support for his crown jewels when cycling to the beach and doing sport at school. Previously he was commando all the time which again was his choice from being quite young. He has taken to wearing them under street clothes too, to school he wears them under his jeans and when doing sport if they get wet in a storm then he tells me the thong swimwear drys very quickly under his jeans. Some of his friends wear thick cotton underwear and they have to sit in wet underwear for the rest of the day. He says he will never swim in just the thong, he just likes the support and the fact there is less material at the back than speedos so they will dry faster under his jeans without leaving damp patches.

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I am 65 and have worn thongs now for over 40 years.  My wife made my first pair out of a jockstrap just for fun when I was at work.  I liked them and she made me more.  I really don't remember when we were able to start buying them for men. 

I now have an underwear fetish and have all kinds including a nice selection of panties.  My favorite to wear is thongs and jockstraps but I wear them all.

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I'm 19 and straight. I've always been fascinated with thongs. I love seeing girls wearing them. A few years ago I wanted to try them on and I loved them even more. I started buying women's thongs and some panties to wear occasionally. This was before I knew they made thongs for men. Since then I wear both men and women's thongs. I feel awkward wearing them around people I know so usually I don't. Around people I don't know, I'm comfortable with them on. I was shy about people actually seeing them until a women saw my thong slip out one time. Now I don't care if strangers happen to see my thong. I decided to tell this girl who really liked me. She wasn't a big fan about it but thought it was cool. I think if men want to wear thongs (men's or women's) then go for it. It's the underwear of your choice. Same for me

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Unlike a lot of people, I think some guys look really good in thongs......that is, if their buttcheeks are at least somewhat firm. But if his cheeks are like a rippling bowls of jello, it might not be the right look.
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I'm 17 and I wear thongs when I come home from school and at the weekend. I would love to wear them going to school but I'd be afraid that my friends would see it. I'm straight and I have been told I'm very good looking. No-one knows that I wear them.
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Thongs are becoming passe.  Most men look ridiculous in thongs. So if you don't care about appearances; go for it.  I don't wear thongs.  Cute nylon panties are more fun and best for me.
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Many men wear thongs, they are comfortable once you get used to them, I wear g strings and thongs all the time and I'm not gay. I don't see the problem women wear them so why not guys.

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