How Many Men Wear Stockings?


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Although it is not commonplace to see men wearing stockings (and is sometimes frowned upon in society), some men do like to wear them.

Men in stockings

Men may wear stockings for a variety of reasons:

  • Some men may wear stockings simply for comfort. They may find that stockings make their legs look better; that they feel nice on their skin, or make their legs warmer.
  • Other men wear stockings for sexual pleasure. Men wearing stockings is not an uncommon sexual fetish which is not limited to homosexual males and, in fact, the social stigma attached to men wearing stockings will only heighten sexual arousal in some men.
  • Men who wear stockings may wish to believe that the fetish makes their partner as aroused by them as they are. These men are not necessarily transvestites, and often the wearing of stockings is the height of cross-dressing for men with this fetish.
  • If both a man and his partner have a stocking fetish, then a man wearing stockings can only heighten the couples's sexual pleasure.
  • Men may also wear stockings to make their legs looks better. Lean and muscular shaved legs can look great in a pair of stockings!
  • Some women may also want to dress their man up in stockings because they have a fetish for men in stockings.

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Lee Jay answered
I do and though I also wear pantyhose, I prefer to wear stockings with suspenders (garter belt) and a panty or with a long-legged panty girdle. I love the look and feel of stockings on my freshly shaved/waxed legs.  And yes, I've had a number of women compliment me on my legs.
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Stockings and suspender belts are part of my feminine wardrobe. I am a bit heavy - handed, and therefore, find it difficult to put on tights, without ripping them at the crotch!

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