How Many Men Wears Women Used Nylon Panties?


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Kyoko Katayama answered
Lots of men prefer wearing women's used panties instead of new, unused panties.
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Dave Johnson answered
Not really into the having them been worn by a woman before me.  Since I don't wear ones with a cotton lining and either find vintage ones in thrift stores or on ebay with a double nylon crotch, the newer the better as far as I'm concerned.  I've got some from 40 years ago still in their original package that I will break out and wear on special occasions.
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Lee Jay
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I agree with you Dave. Like you I am not into wearing panties that have been worn by a woman before me. If I was so inclined I could borrow a pair from my wife's dirty lingerie hamper ... But she wouldn't like that. Both my wife and I like to wear clean panties each and every day, predominately for hygines sake, though there are days when we wear matching panties ... But since we wear the same size, who knows when they are washed if they are her's or mine? Either way they are clean.
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ken essex answered
I will wear my wife panties and will purchase used ones if the crotch isn't raunchy looking, but must be to my likings before I purchase them
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Lee Jay answered
There was a time when I did, but no longer.  I wear fresh panties each and every day, some which my wife bought me.  So why wear used panties?  Besides I wouldn't want to get a UTI nor a STD.

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