Are People Either Spenders Or Savers?


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Good question Keithold. In my situation i'm kinda thrifty on myself but spend lots on others. It truly gives me a great feeling to do so. I feel guilty i guess if i spend much on me. I think that because of peoples past they most likely are indeed one or the other but try to change it at some point. Most times we go back to what we are though.
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Are people either spenders or savers? Many many years ago saving was much more common practice than it is today. As a whole, people are much more spenders than savers these days.
Some people like my dad are more apt to save than spend,and then there is the other extreme of people who could not  save a dollar if their life depended on it. But I can think of some examples of people I know that have reach a health balance here, So all people are not either a  spenders or a savers.
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As for me, I save as well as spend. It's always a wise course of action to put some away for a rainy day. I save my change, I don't spend it. I have piggy banks for pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters, loonies & toonies.  NONE are full yet but in due time, one of them will be.
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Perfect setup for BORROWING
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Nope. Most people will save for something they want to spend on. Very few people actually 'save' money for retirement or some unspecified reason.

Many people, like myself, are good at saving for long term, but spend on some spur of the moment items in the short term.
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I don't think the spending or saving habits of human beings in general, can be limited to only two categories.
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Some people are both.  If you spend wisely you can save money over time and have the best of both worlds.

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