I'm 18 and whenever i find a guy that i like or should i say fall for. They always hurt me either emotionly or physically. Why do they do this to people that don't deserve it?


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Janey answered
You'll always come across players or users who like to hurt people emotionally or physically just for the fun of it.They're mean and shallow people who aren't worth it and you're better off without them.
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Lynne Dwyer answered
Maybe your picking the wrong kind of guy, or you don't have much belief in yourself. Knowing that you've been treated wrong is a good sign though. Sorry to say, but there are many people that are going to show up in your life that will take advantage of your good and giving nature. I've always thought that maybe nobody told me the rules, so I could play the game too. Then realized, I don't want to play that game, or be a member of the club. Don't fall for a guy quickly, make him work for your respect and trust. Become a stronger woman and find your own self worth, when you find it, a great guy, worthy of you will see it, and appreciate it. And you!

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