Whenever me & this guy hangout we always end up kissing or something like that. But he says he dosent wanna date. Why do you think he says that?


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Brianna Ward Profile
Brianna Ward answered
Same thing happens to me. Weird. But do you like this guy? Think. Does he like you? This guy might just want someone to mess with. You have to find out. But if you're comfortable with him just wanting to mess with you then I guess it's ok. But I'd prefer you dating him.
Lin Xu Profile
Lin Xu answered
Yes, he is either playing with you or wanting you to look like a kinda person that likes kissing and he might even make others hate you like what happened to me, making others talk about me all the time I go somewhere or talk to a person that talks about me I mean I wouldn't have kissed him if I wasn't forced but it ended up like that, if you like him date him. Don't date him unless you like him or your love won't go forever.
Marisa Ortega Profile
Marisa Ortega answered
He's only playing with you.

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