A girl asked this guy I like if we talk and he said "yea something like that". What does he mean? Does he like me or what? And when he said that, he was mad at me in that moment!


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I wouldn't think too much on it. What guys say tend to be pretty straight forward without much hidden meanings. I'm not saying that this is always the case, but it usually is. So don't worry about this too much. It's just a waste of energy and trust me when I say this. I've been going through very similar situations, so it's best not to think too much about it.

So in this case, I'd say that he was simply answering that girl's question. I mean you guys do talk, right? So he was just saying that you guys do talk, but since he was mad at you, he was a little reluctant to come up with a  straight and strong "yes I do!", and instead came up with a more weak "something like that".

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Thanks but see the same day e texted me saying if I really wanted him I would prove it by sending him a private pic of my.... And he sent me a pic of his..... As a way of making it seem like I sent one to you so you sent one to me. Like what does he mean n does he even like me?

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Hi Ingrid, as this is not an answer to the question above, I'd ask that you use the comment box underneath Lia or Angie's answers to continue the conversation.

Thanks :)
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well firstly you can't really tell if he likes you by just saying that , if he was angry then he was probably annoyed at you then , so let him cool off and see if he has signs of him liking you , by the sounds of it , i'm not sure it sounds like he wants you to send him pornographic pictures , although you like him , If it was me in this situation I wouldn't even send one at all .. Because really if a guy only likes you  if you send him a nude then .. Its not worth it and you don't know what he will do with it .

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