Is There Life After Raising Your Children. After You Have Spent 40 Years Raising Your Children What Does One Do With One Self? My Husband Is Still Working Long Hours.


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Well, 2489, your husband is being more than a little selfish and inconsiderate. He is treating you as if you were his pet dog, not another human being. Just because he starts work in the afternoon, does not mean you should have to stay in the house till he leaves. You don't say whereabouts you live, as that would make a big difference ie if you live in  a culture where women are not supposed to go out alone that is more understandable, as you would not want to upset anyone, but if you live in a western or European culture, you need to start building up some self-esteem and venturing out, little by little until you feel more confident. How do you ever get any shopping done? 'shut off from the outside world' sounds like a scary place to be. If your husband ever died or became very ill, you would have to go out into the world and you have no skills for doing this. He should help you to gain a bit of confidence, and see that keeping you confined to the house is a short-sighted way of living. He may be afraid that you would leave him if you had a taste of 'outside'?
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You must trying to find your self and keep looking inside you to found what you leave in the past to take care about your children and find your hopies you leaved and try to make anew friends and you must find some thing serious to do in your home or out search in the net about any thing you love and you will find some interesting ideas to spend time and power in it . And i want to tell you a special device "" you must repeat thinking about your shape and put a plane make you look younger to refresh your self and your relationship with your husband"" i invite you to enjoy to my group '" couple problems"
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I know what empty nest syndrome is like. Mitch is right about finding some volunteer work. It will get you out of the house and make you feel good about yourself. You may even makes some friends in the process.
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You should go be your own person, move. Open up our new self. You may go do things you never had time to do as a parent. There are a lot of things you could be doing when one might call themself "kid free".
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i think you are very smart and strong girl and i think also you will do some thing special in your future think very carefully about every step in your life and try to not lose because if you did you will be a great person in the future and i am 100% agree with you in your answer in this question
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I am hearing you loud and clear. I have a similar situation. That is why this website is so dear to me. Do you all have a Y.M.C.A., that you could join? They have classes for adults as well as all the fitness activities and groups you could ever hope for. Local libraries and Colleges offer special classes for adults at discount prices. Click onto my big blue P and that will take you to my page, leave me a shout and I will give you some ideas. There can be a wonderful life after the child raising is finished. There are places that are looking for volunteers that might interest you, and if you are the least bit spiritually inclined, you might enjoy getting more involved in a church. The Church I go to has an informal lunch that the ladies go to on their own. We pick a different restaurant to go to, each week, and anyone who wishes may come. This is something that i enjoy, and look forward to. See you on my homepage, and lets get the good times rolling.
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Is it possible to volunteer your time to a cause. It might be helping the local church or local library.
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As the saying goes life begins at 40......every body should love life to the full

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