How Can I Make My Husband Happy With Me Always?


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1.Don't swear.  2.Don't shout.  3.Don't argue.  4.Don't go in a mood of fighting.  5.  Always look nice, don't have shabby hair, no make up and rough clothes on. It's your husband so make an effort.  6.  Be clean, have fresh breath, smell nice all over.  7. Don't be a miserable nagging git.  8.  Don't moan about money or what you have or have not got. Be grateful for anything your husband does.  9. Don't act like a kid.  10.  Be a master in the kitchen. Always have a good meal so he can eat well.  11. Keep the house clean and tidy.  12.  Be organised.  13.  Don't spend his or your money on rubbish. I.e clothes you don't need, gossipy magazines.  14.  Show appreciation when he does something good.  15.  Never ever put him down or show his faults in front of others.  16.  Don't slag him off to anyone. Sort it out with him behind closed doors.  17.  If you have a problem with him, sit him down and talk to him about it. Don't raise your voice, or swear and don't call him names.
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But its ok for him to do these things to you because he is the man right
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This is exactly what my husband wants!! Also be patient, listen to him, never argue but to agree to what he says during an argument/heated discussion. Diffuse an argument and later bring it up in about a weeks time.

Make brilliant dinners know what he likes and what he dislikes.

Show him you love him, look sexy for him and be unpredictable to keep the spice in a marriage.

Appreciate him all the time.
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What do you do when you done these things and find out that he is still not happy and it is because you won't allow his sexual wants to run your life, ie doing things that you don't feel comfortable with doing, sex with other women, oral sex, etc. He just don't seem to understand how I fell about these things and there is no middle with him. He has had affair because of it and watches a lot of pron.
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This is all stupid advice.   You don't need to sacrifice yourself to make your husband 'happy'.  Your husband doesn't want some sexy love slave, maid, cook.... He might think he does... But you don't get any respect from that.

Your husband should be your best friend, does he always stay dressed sexy for you? A wife who always has to look nice, is just a all expenses paid whore.   If you want to be respected and have your husband enjoyed by your presence, then do this:

1) listen to him.. Don't just agree with everything he says, but take an active role in his conversation...
2) find his passions and use them as another way to love him.  IF he loves cars, do you think he would love having somebody to talk cars with him? Or football? Or computers?  There are books on everything, read one and learn about the stuff he likes so you can have an intelligent conversation with him.
3) respect him too.  You don't have to neglect yourself to respect your husband.  Imagine if he were a girl, you would find a common interest and do that together.   Yeah, he works, but so do you, even if you don't have a job, child rearing, cleaning.. Its a draining, thankless task.  Just like his job, usually.
4) COMMUNICATE.  COMMUNICATE.  COMMUNICATE.  When the two of you were dating, there weren't any expectations right?  You were 'serving' him to grab his attention? What did he like about you?  Talk to him about things, ask him questions about him.  Make him feel like he matters to you.

5) COMPLIMENTS.   Try to compliment your husband 3 times a day, even if he doesn't recognize.  Subtle changes will occur, you'll be surprised.

Remember, there are 100 million hot pieces of ass in the world, If he doesn't respect you and appreciate you as a person, there's nothing to stop him from sleeping with others.
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Well, this best answer to make your husband happy is to always listen and get the hints of his likes.
1) be paitent and listen
2) ofcourse being women, we argue, alwaz apologize and try to calm the situation whn you r cool down
3) try to love him as much you can, try to show him that how much sexually you can love him, which will obviously grate him with honour tht his wife loves him so much, don't try to strt sex, jst wear something sexy and talk about romance, belive me this will make him forget this world and love you passionaly
4) cook amazing foods and when he reaches home, be ready to serve him and love him, take the use of time by being attractive
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Probably just make him breakfast in bed or take him to a nice restaurant and tell him the things you love about him that will leave him with a smile on his face
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How can I make my husband happy because he always love his parents more thn me. His parents always do something wrong against me then when my husband came back they back bites about me with my husband. I love my husband very much/ plz do some help. Give me some tips
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Did you ever stop to think that maybe you push him to hard ? Maybe he feels that you are too agressive. Try letting him set the tone and be the agressor, it does wonders for a mans ego.
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Relationships are very important in life. We have to take care every time that we should not hurt anyone's feelings. First of all, truth is, life is not a bed of roses.

You have to struggle everywhere. There are different ways of making anyone happy. It depends on person to person. You have to work in a special way if you are dealing with your parents, you will have to take special measures if you are dealing with your friends and same here, if you are dealing with your husband, you will have to go according to the relationship. Look for his likes and dislikes, always care for his likes. Try to compromise if he is wrong and you are right.

Try to smile when he comes back home. You should show him your happy face, not something full of worries and tension. You can discuss your problems at some specific time. Never start arguing when he is not in a mood or he is angry. Try to cook something he likes and wear color according to his choice. You should be moving according to his psyche. And never take any problem as problem, take it as a challenge and try to find its solution instead of worrying.
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I tell you three Key Factors:
1. Respect          (most Important)
2. Loyalty
3. Obedience  -  (too most Important)
Even if you or he Do not love each other at heart he will never never never ever leave you till he possesses  brain.
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You can't make your husband happy with you always. You can try to understand his needs and cater to them. The fact that you are so willing to look after his needs is important and a nice idea.
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You should never make him happy. Let him know that you are the boss. I have my worthless husband highly trained in having dinner on the table when I come home and he also cleans and prepares my breakfast for work. I let him know that he is doing a bad or mediocre job so that he will try harder the next time. I don't allow him to watch any tv or do anything fun. We do whatever I like to do, go out to eat where I want to go and see any movie that I want to see. Give them an inch and they'll take a yard. We women rule and can't let some stupid husband ruin that for us. You need to beat them down.
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When my hubby comes home from work he is tired, I give him time to unwind, and sometimes I even pamper him, run him a warm bath, using oils, or I will give him a massage, usually after that he will initiate the sex
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Be happy with him, you don't have to answer this question but that about your sex life with your husband. If it is not that great then maybe you should think about having sex, don't tell him. I think you should just start and he will get the picture.
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Marital bliss depends upon a number of factors. Any successful marriage is the result of a lot of unconditional give and take. However, all this seems like something of the past. The institution of marriage is a wonderful segment of society and it not only binds individuals, but also families and cultures. At least this is what it was intended to be. Today, there is an increase in the number of broken marriages and a popular preference for live-in relationships.

Your query speaks volumes for the kind of person and most importantly, the kind of spouse you are. Your concern about the possible changes you can make to keep your husband happy is overwhelming. The mere fact that you are addressing this subject indicates that you have something nagging you, at the back of your mind. You need to identify it and understand the implications. Keeping your spouse happy involves a lot of adjustment, maintaining communication no matter what and being happy, yourself. It is very important to be happy in a marriage. Do not become judgmental and always remain open to suggestion. You should strive to make your spouse your best friend and ensure that he feels the same way about you too. Total transparency and honesty are the keys to a successful marriage.
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You know it might be good if you just talk to him about the issue. It might get him to tell you something about why he does that to you also you should always try to make him feel good about his self. Or maybe you should even quite giving him so much love then he'll come to you and want it more.
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Marriage meant happiness. When we think about marriage colours and spiritual happiness comes to our imagination. Marriage may change the whole personality of an individual. It may happen only by the feelings of love, passion, sincerity and care for each other and the ideal would be created if both partners give some time and love to each other for proper adjustment and understanding. For this purpose it is the responsibility of a male member to give special attention and love to his life partner, in a way that she never feels herself lonely in his family and by treating her as a member of his family.
It has been seen especially in the east, that a lady gives attention to her dressing or general outlooks only for few days and after that she moves here and there in a miserable condition; in untidy clothes and without given any attention to her physical body. remember general outlooks and good physic of a body is more important for ladies specially.
An educated or intelligent girl knows the demands of her husbands and tried to follow them. But the girls who have no guide line from elders have done severe mistakes and then fall into distress, aggression and frustrations, when there husbands moves to other dimensions. Never interfere in his official problems if he is not interested to share them with you. Every girl related from every society must give priority to their husbands. Welcome them happily in a fresh mood when he comes back to home. This attitude of wife give a new life to husband. So the contract of marriage changed into eternal love. Must celebrate important days of your husbands' life, such as: birthdays, valentine days.
If any lady can follow these key points then definitely she may live a happy married life.
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Maybe he is just the type of men who doesn't like sex as much as most people? I know it's hard to believe, but it's very common, really.
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Being there with him and showing him that you have interest in him. Show him the reason why he fell for you the very first time you both met.
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Supernatural communication & everythings goes supernatural in the marriages...that's the facts.
God must be the overall
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My husband would add a number 18. Don't bother me, just leave me alone.  He hates for me to be around him. He doesn't like for me to try and hold his hand or any thing touchy feely. We hadn't had sex, intimacy nothing in the past 30 years. Beem married for 40 plus years, and why were still together thats a good question. I think weve had sex maybe 2 dozen times, I was a virgin before we were married and I'am still a virgin. Hes not gay or into porn (I kinda wish he was at least I would know he has some sexual feelings). Hes basicly a loner hasn't any friends, goes no where, has no computer, (I have a laptop) and he has little use for a phone and I have the only phone.  His actions are strickly his own, I've had nothing to do with how he feels about me , himself and the world in general.
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He don't work for army no more  he done with at  know is at home  for 2 mont we are moving to try sale are house to  I am sill working he not happy
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Be as you are, and never show him, that you are not sure in his feelings. Be careful in your make-up, dresses, he must see, that you are the best, the most beautiful girl in his life, I understood it now, it is very important.
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Lol wives rule, it sound's like you have just reversed the roles, there is no compromise in your relationship, I hope you are only kidding....

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