How can I make new friends in middle school? I'm currently eating lunch alone and hanging out with the science geeks just because I am dating one. Everyone in my grade calls me annoying because they're all depressed & I'm always happy. HELP! MEEEE


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The people who call you annoying, talk to them, do things they like, share things with them, follow them and... I think you should wait some time because when my school had changed even I had no friends and I used to always go to a bench and sit there and miss my mom and dad (as I was in a boarding school) and I also got a bad disease because of being alone and all that stuff, I just used to roam around here and there talking to no one because all the girls called me irritating (I don't know why) and then after I returned from home after the disease was cured, everyone was my friend and in fact all the girls in the whole school had become my friends! So just wait for the right time!

Hey, I'm not telling you to get a disease,  just telling you to wait a bit of time and then see, I'm sure someone will become your friend!

And for that day to come I'll tell you what to do, just stay happy, laugh, and in lunch time when you're alone just enjoy lunch smiling or just thinking or lost in dreams or thoughts and just be active , play games and enjoy and when people will see you do all this, they will come running to be your friends! And everyone loves being friends with happy people!

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