Are Men Less Sensitive Than Women?


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I think it totally depends on the person and their upbringing.Male or female.
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I think they are less sensitive. Women seem to be more emotional and I definitely believe that women are more sensitive than men. This is just my opinion of course.
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I disagree. I think we men just have a different angle on life and deal with issues differently. I have always argued that a malicious woman can inflict more lasting hurt on a man with her tongue than any man can do with his fists. Because women are less physical genetically, i believe they compensate for this with cunning. In the mans world, it is generally seen as weakness if he expresses himself emotionally. The big boys don't cry theory.  now, i am not saying it should be like this in a civilised society, but in less civilised times it would have cost a man his life. Ie in the wild wild west for example. So i think it is not as clear cut as you might think. Women through the ages propagated the ideal man as the strong dark silent type. Just as women are affected by peer pressure and magazines telling them how they should look and dress, so it goes for the man. I can think of many times i have wanted to cry in my life but stopped myself. I know this is not a good thing, but we are products of our environments. I just thought i would give a male prospective on the subject. :)
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It depends upon the behavior of the person if his or her attitude to become more polite sensitive care person it means its hearts should cry from the peoples crying,
but your question generally emphasis on the men and women on my region of world pakistan that I live i think womens and specially the mothers are more sensitive than the man because men not much inter link with their social life as close as the women do in our region.
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My dad is almost 60 years old and i have never seen him show emotions mom always does depend on the person though...mainly women dont have that problem, but with my guy friends i have seen their friends tell them showing their emotions isnt manly its they keep to themselfs.
I dont know if that true in most cases but some guys do show their emotion but not that i have even seen.
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I think they can be equally sensitive, however men tend to put on emotional armor and women tend to carry emotions on there sleeves. Everyone is different though.
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I think it just depends on the person whether it be a male or a female I have seen some men that are sensitive and I have seen some women that will just cut your throat just because they can
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i think men are less sensitive , they all the time live with facts , however there are some men with high soul who can be so kind .

i think the all are not sensitive generally .

i am a girl and i have seen a lot of people , the men inter their feeling under their minds .

i never universalize for all men , because i 'm sure that it s not a general law for all of then , but i can say that depends on in their Nature!

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I think it depends on the person. Some men just don't let their sensitivity and/or emotions show because the media and society make men think that they have to be macho and stuff like that. But it really depends on how they were raised and their personality.

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