Is It Normal For One Breast To Be Bigger Than The Other?


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The human body is an incredible and amazingly varied object, with each and every person being unique and totally different from anybody else. With everybody being different to each other comes many questions about people's bodies. Especially in our modern world, where the need to be thin and perfect looking like famous celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba, people feel the need from an early age to try to perfect their body. As each person is unique this also means that each person's body has a unique composition of hormones and genes which they will inherit from their parents, grand parents, great-grand parents and even further back, and this will determine the physical attributes of an individual. Breasts are not fully developed on a woman until late teens, and it is very common among women for one breast to be slightly larger than the other. Breasts develop following the Tanner stage development scale for breasts. In stage three of this scale, breasts become more elevated and the areola will form a secondary mound, this is the first stage when discontinuities between the breasts can occur as one may start to develop before the other. In stage 4 of the Tanner development model, the whole breast continues to develop in size and shape, it is here that many discrepancies in size between the two can occur, as the one that started growing first may grow faster than the other. It is however perfectly normal for the smaller of the two breasts to catch up growth once the breast is fully developed and stage five of the Tanner model has been reached. After full development it is very rare for both breasts to be exactly the same size and in 95% of all people the differences in size isn't noticeable. For the other 5% of the female population, there are a variety of ways to counteract the problem of different sized breasts, firstly specialised bras can be used to give the impression that both breasts are the same size. The next option is only used in extreme circumstances and is the option of breast remodelling. This is only done as a last resource as surgery to the breast can affect the ability of the woman to breast feed. There are two options here, the first is to have one breast reduced in size to match the other, this is done by removing some fat and breast tissue and then moving the nipple location. The second method is to put a silicone gel implant into one breast to give it more volume. Both are very good at reducing the appearance of different sized breasts, but should only be a very last resort and only then if other methods don't work.
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Hi. I'm 13 and my left boob is quite bigger than the right. I'm right handed and my boobs have been like since 4 about.. 2yrs. I'm embarrassed to Tell my mum or any of my friends.
And I get really self-conscious when I wear singlet tops or normal tops. I'm always affraid that in certain tops its really noticable.
What can I do? I tried putting like oone sock in the otha to make it look normal, buh I didnt go through with it because I thought people wood notice.
How do I fix it?
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Hi! Just wanted to tell you that having one breast bigger than the other one is actually something you see very often.  I am 27 years old and I have the same problem.  I noticed this problem when I was 11 but it wasn't until I turned 16 that the size difference was noticeable.  My left breast is a size C/D (depends where I shop) and my right is a size A (it does not grow at all.)  I'm pretty sure you are self-consious about it.  I used to be the same way, at times I used to cry myself to sleep. 

I am married now and my husband has been very supportive with my decision.  He doesn't care whether I have lopsided breast.  He loves me the way I am.  If your boyfriend loves you he will not care =)

The only way you can get them fixed is by having a symmetry procedure.  I just had a medical consult with a plastic surgeon to get them fixed.
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They told me the left boob is supposed to be bigger because thats where your heart is, but my right one is bigger. I'm a C on my right but on my left its a A/B its very noticeable but I just put a sports bra over my bra & it kinda evens them out.
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I can't believe you've got to this age without noticing the size of your breasts! Of course it's normal. If you compare any part of your body to the opposite side you will find that one side is bigger, fatter, hairier, drier skinned, stronger, more sensitive than the other. We are almost symmetrical but not quite! We are almost perfect, but not quite!
When you raise your arms above your head, do both your breasts rise up at around the same amount? If one breast rises significantly higher than the other or one breast doesn't seem to go up at all, then you have something you can worry about and see your doctor. If you have pain in one breast and not the other, a lump or hardening of tissue, or discoloured discharge from a nipple, see your doctor. Get yourself a full length mirror and look at yourself naked a bit more often - it sounds like you have never really taken a good look at yourself!
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Uneven body parts are the norm rather than an exception if any of us would submit to a full body check we would see that no one is perfect! For starters the side that we use the most during the day (left or right hand or arm) will always be larger than the other because we use it more for an example a tennis players one side is larger than the other

Some folks eyes are not even or one ear is larger than the other none would be noticeable except to those who were looking for it.

No one has noticed the sight difference in your breast size, other than you and those who you have pointed it out to, and if it was extreme then any doctor would look for a medical cause post haste.

You are normal as far as this is concerned
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Hi this is quite embarrassing for me to talk about, but its been bothering me for years. Well my left breast is extremely larger than the right breast and so is the nipple and people have noticed it and I feel unconfident to change in front of others or even my boyfriend and its quite bothering I just wanted to know if this is really normal because it doesnt seen to be to me. Please write back thanks x
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Hi everyone.. My girlfriend has recently pointed out that one of her breasts is slightly (she said 1/2 a cup size ??) bigger than the other. She has been to the doctors incase its something serious but they said its not. She also said its has developed slowly over the past few months (not sure if thats true as she might just be worried) I have never really noticed until she has pointed it out. How can I make her feel better about it.
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I think the side that you don't use as much gets bigger.  Because since you use your right hand more, the left side has more fat. At least I think thats what it is. I read it from a couple places and thats how it is for me. I hope I even out!
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I'm odd as well. I'm 18, so my boobs probably wont grow any more, but ive got to live with it... My twin is the same too. Only hers are a lot worse than mine. Her left boob is an D/E (depending where she shops), and the right is B/C depending on where she shops. Hers are very noticeable. Surgeons wont touch her atm either as she is pretty young and they may even out.

ANd don't worry bout your boyfriend. It shouldnt bother him, if he does, hes obv not sum1 you wana be with...

They may even out naturally... If not tell your boyfriend that the other one needs a little more tlc cause its smaller... :P thats what I did.. There should be no embarrassment about your body..

I'm sure hes not exactly symmetrical!!

:) xx
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Yes its normal not be equal on both sides, unless its happened all of a sudden. If its always been this way its just the way you are made, however if one swells or shrinks in a short period of time it needs to be checked out.
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I have one that's a d and the other is a dd I am left handed and that's the bigger one I have noticed that since I use that arm more I think that's why its bigger, it has been hard to by bras that fit either one sides to big or other to small. So I feel your pain but I think its more common then most women know.
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My daughter is 12 and she has recently showed me that one of her breast is much bigger then the other one, I am reading that its normal to be slightly different, but her's   is at least 2 cup sizes bigger then the other, I am worried so I thought id ask on here, and call her doctor to make sure. Does anyone have a smiler story? PLEASE LET US KNOW
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Hi my daughter's breast one if them are a whole lot bigger than the other. Can you tell me if there is anything I should be concerned about. She is really worried about it and now I'm starting to worried. Please help us find an answer, it will put my mind and hers at ease.
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Of course it normal for one of your breasts to be slightly larger than the other one. If you take a real close look at yourself you will find that one side of your body is also slightly larger than the other side.
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Well I know how some of you feel if one of your boobs is bigger then the other because my right one is about 2 cup sizes bigger then my left.Mine have been like this since I was about 12 or 13 and I am fixing to be 16.This is also another reason I don't like to be around guys because they grab them then they find out and go tell people. What can I do ?
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It is normal. I know it's hard to believe that a breast can be bigger than another, but my best friends feet aren't the same size (a few centimeters or difference). If you draw a line of semitry down your body, you wont be exactly the same, and it you weigh each part, then you will probably understand. (not implying that you should put yourself in half and weigh yourself.)
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There is no way to fix it naturally. In every womans breasts one is bigger than the other. Sometimes, like in your case it is noticable, in others they are less than half a centimeter larger that the other so no one can tell. Don't be self concious, its the way you were made, maybe a push up bra will help.
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Yes, it's okay.

Many women have one breast that is visably larger than the other. This can change with pregnancy, breast feeding, weight gain and loss, etc. 

If there is ever any concern for a breast mass,  see your doctor.

Good luck.

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And just in case you were wondering, it's also OK for one breast to be smaller than the other

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I'm sure the size isn't something completely noticeable. Honestly, your the only one who actually sees the difference in size. Most women have uneven breasts.
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Its normal.I have it too.what me and my sister did is brought padding and just put it on the one that's smaller to make it even with the works and isn't noticeable
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Hi I have the some my right boob is a lot bigger then the left one I get really upset about it and I am also  thinking about going to doctors to see if I can have a boob job on the nhs
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If your say right handed the muscle on that side of your body will be larger causing that sides breast to appear larger...nothing is exact on your body - such as one ear will be lower than the other - one foot is larger than the other -- just how we are made lol....
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Your heart has 4 chambers, lowest one which points from the right arm to left arm does the "shooting" of the blood. Since it's towards the left arm, that is why in usual and normal circumstances you get your blood from your left arm, more pressure, bigger veins, which is why most women... Has bigger left boob.
Yes it is normal. Despite what most people think, most women's breasts are not symmetrical. I knew a woman whose size difference was a whole cup size.
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I have the same problem too. My right breast is about half a cup size bigger. I always keep a check on it though by doing self exams. One thing I'm glad to say is that my man doesn't mind my unevenness as much as I do!
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I have the same thing. I thought there was something wrong with me for awhile but even a few of my friends told me about how one of their breast is bigger than the other.
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I'm in the same situation but as I can clearly see I'm not the only one I just hope it doesn't get worse...
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Well my right hand is bigger than my left. One side of your body is supposed to be bigger. The one you use more.
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Hiya, I Had one DD cup and one G cup. It ruined my life. My doctor referred me to a consultant who performed a reduction on one side. Now life is so much better.
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Me too...and am 14 year old.So it's normal don't worry!!maybe it because you use the right arm more then the left arm.So the right arm boobs have more fat then the other arm. ^^"
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My right boob is bigger than the left I don't know what to do. I am too embrassed to tell the doctor so what should I do HELP ME!!!! :(

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