Is it normal to think about someone else other than your boyfriend?


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Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Yes but isnt supposed to happen but does especially if one isnt all that much into the person they love
aman madhav Profile
aman madhav answered
Of course if he's hot
nikki scott Profile
nikki scott answered
Yes this action is extremely normal. Estimative ages 12-16 will think this way. But whose to say older age groups will not do the same as well? Just be carefull and be faithful to your partner.
Umesh umesh Profile
Umesh umesh answered
Its normal
Mainul Hussain Profile
Mainul Hussain answered
Every human has good and bad parts in his mind. You may say it positive and negative thoughts. It is quite normal and not important. The important one is what part does your brain/conscience  ask you to accept and go for practically.
mahta M.A Profile
mahta M.A answered
Well sometimes it can happen. But don't let him stick in your mind as you love him!
David Barrett Profile
David Barrett answered
That's perfectly normal. He probably wouldn't admit it, but I gaurantee he does. Every time he sees a good looking girl.
Cheryl Fox Profile
Cheryl Fox answered
Yes it is normal. Aslong as you don't act on your fantasies and don't upset him by constantly telling him about what you think. We all think about other people!
Keeley Taylor Profile
Keeley Taylor answered
Yes many people think about somone other than their partner and this is normal. If it is all the time though it may be a sign of problems in your relationship so it may be time to move on.

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