Is Loving Your Best Friend A Wrong Thing?


9 Answers

Jewelly A. Shetka Profile
There's nothing wrong with it.
There's lots of kinds of love.
Love watching baseball games love.
Love your dog love.
Love your new car love.
There's the love your parents love.
There's love your siblings love
(which can be hard sometimes)
Love your boy/girl friend.
Love your mate love.  Lots of them.
There's even one for best friends.
walter jedyk Profile
walter jedyk answered
No, sometimes it's best.
shannon bursey Profile
shannon bursey answered
I always tell my best friend i love her because she is my mate but if you love your best mate as a  friend then tell her and then is up to her the way she or he wants to take it okay bye then x
John Profile
John answered
In a relationship way yes ,in my opinion if it is against the laying with men ,women laying with women,already married, on and so on.
john Profile
john answered
Loving a best friend as a friend is not wrong but loving him/her as lover may got wrong.

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