Is It Wrong To Date Your Brothers Friend?


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Are you worried about what your brother would say or the fact that you're moving on to someone else so quickly? You might be looking to replace your ex with this boy which would explain why you felt so close so soon. I always suggest a bit of time alone after the break up of a relationship to reflect on what's happened and figure out where you want to go from this point. If you have so much in common with him its not going to change much in the future and if you still connect after a little bit of time has passed you'll be in a much better frame of mind to start something new.
Your brother might be a bit uncomfortable at first if you start seeing his friend as some men tend to put people close to them in catagories and don't like them to mix, but will eventually come round when he sees how happy you might be together. Good luck!
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This is the question that I needed answering because I started liking my brothers work friend. He took me out on 5 different occasions in 2 weeks and he showed me that he was interested and we both really enjoyed out selves. We both new that we needed to tell my brother as soon as possible it wasn't fair hiding it from him. After getting the courage to tell me brother,I did and he wasn't very happy but he sort of understood that we both had feeling to one an other. My personal opinion is that I don't actually think its can't help who you like!!! What do you think??
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Well if you guys like each other then go for it. If you have really moved on from your old boyfriend then there is nothing wrong. Just don't get attached to a guy to help you through your break up. I've been going out with my gf for 2.5 years and if we broke up I don't know what I would do. My heart would be crushed and my life would be over. Anyway I hope things work out for you just be careful.
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Ask your brother if he thinks its ok if you go out with him if he says yes go for it and if he says no back off be nice

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