How Do I Know If My Friend Likes Me?


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Well what I would do is get to know his friends and once you get kinda close to them, (by the way it helps if this person isn't annoying) you ask them, it has to be a close friend of his, but you have to become a close friend to the friend. Make sure that the friend doesn't come to like you though. It's hard but it works-Trey
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susan copley answered
Ok , it all depends on kindness and of the most reasons to tell is if you say something that's not funny and he laughs then there's a sign .
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You should ask him if he likes you. Don't want to? Hang around him and see what he does. Flirt, tease, joke, and talk to him.   Good luck! <3
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Ok, I am good at this stuff. Ask one of his friends to talk to him and tell him to just cassualy say
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I kinda like this shorty nd I'm guessing we flirt a lot. Thats what people in my school says we like eachother
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You will know when your Friend likes you if they don't give you any gifts unless if its your birthday or a holiday. Also if you help them out through problems and other things. You will if they pick up the phone all the time. So thats how I know if my bffl likes me or not.
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Ok this is happenin to me rite now but I don't like this guy....if he is always around you and protects you and finds sumthin wrong with every guy you date he likes you

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