How Do I Tell If My Best Guy Friend Likes Me?


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1. If he stares at you with a strange twinkle in his eyes
2. If he wants to hang out with you in private
3. If he seems less confident around you...

and if he does all this...
when it's just you guys alone...
ask him...

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Well, if he tells you that, he's probably telling the truth. If you're not sure, then ask him in privet, then he won't be as pressured when there's other people around. If I were you, I would trust him. I hope this helps!
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You should tell him how you really feel, because that's the only way you'll feel better n stop thinking..don't be afraid of the answer..just tell him n let him never know what if he's in love with you and he can't tell you guys would be missing out on a lot of things if you don't just tell him..take the courage and tell him..good luck
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Ask him in private straight up. Do you feel the same or do you just want to know to feel good about yourself?

If you are not interested - then there is no point putting him in a position where he tells you - and pours out his feelings, only to have you not reciprocate and potential really hurt him...
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I'm a guy  I have same basic Q but this is your A he probably likes you from afar but how did he say all this hm-mm sum tin he mite be joking around but most likely he likes you from afar so ask if he really means it and ask him if he wont's to go out for coffee or sum tin.
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To what you have described this guy has a pretty big crush on you, at least to me. You could ask one of his friends or something like that. Or just tell him you like him. Just go up and say, "I like you." or something along those lines. Really if a girl liked me and I wasn't sure I would just want her to tell me. Or I would be brave and just ask you out. Also, if he flirts with you big hint. So if you think he might be flirting with you flirt back. Yea he'll prolly ask you out then.
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Hey am a guy and a liked ma bestfriend who was a girl and asked me out I told her I love her   but as a friend and it brought us closer together so ask them know they feel and that will make both yous feel better
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I think he likes you because he
says if he had a girlfriend and
wanted him to choose between you
his girlfriend would pick you or
he wants you to like him
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I would say, judging from what he told you, that he likes you. As for the part about what would happen if he has a girlfriend, that may be wishful thinking on his part. One can not really determine how things will go, once a Romance has begun.
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Wow it was amazing reading your post because I have had pretty much the exact same situation- best friend who's a guy, we've been friends for 3 years (just going into our second year of college), he's shy and reserved, we talk a ton, he doesn't have any other friends who are girls or many close friends, etc. So firstly let me say that I understand, and that you really are not alone! :) Secondly, about 5 months ago I told my friend I have feelings for him and while he doesn't return them, our friendship is even stronger than ever; it wasn't awkward and we've grown together in a way I never would have imagined before I told him. So I would say just go for it, you'll feel much better getting if off your chest, and it sounds like your friendship will definitely weather it. Good luck and I'd love to know what happens in your situation! :)
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Sounds like he does like you if you are one of the only girls he talks to. He must be very comfortable around you. If you've been friends with him for almost three years, I think it's time to tell him you like him more than just a friend. But don't come on too strong. Ask him to a dance or over to your house for dinner.
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You can tell if he likes you by the way he looks or talks to you. If he wants to hang out with you then it could also help. Or you could simply ask a friend to ask him of one of his friends. I mean it doesn't hurt to try.
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Thank you but this already happened nd I think my other friend is going to date him and I don't want her to because I told her how much I still like him and how stupid I was to break up with him and how much I wish  we were still dating and I don't know  you either but thanks 4 trying to help out I think if I was in this problem what you told me would work out thank  you so much again and again =) :)
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He likes you, but he thinks he is in the friend zone, until you tell him you like him will be your friend.  I think the best relationships start as friendships.
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If your REALLY scared of telling him, you could give him a note in front of him or tell him in secret on facebook
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Well, he is your friend right? Well, friends can share big chunks of secrets even if it is love you are talking about. So tell him that you like him. Don't be shy about it. You guys have been friends for 3 years. That is long enough. I tell my friends secrets all the time. Starting in a week after I met them. So go with my advice. If it doesn't work, then oh well, I'm not the world's best advice giver.
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Okay, so from my experience, the feelings you have for your guy friend will grow the more you hold it in and if you don't let him know what's been on your mind then you'll probably get hurt, like me. So you should just be straight up with him. Since you guys are friends he should know and you can't help who you like so just let it out. You'll feel a whole lot better when you get your words out at him, or sometimes you wont but thats okay.
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This isn't an easy one... But try this: Ask him your self, I know its not easy but ive done it before and I don't even know who you are but you can do it! And if he tries to run somehow grab him, I'm not kidding! Grad him and say I'm not letting go until you tell me so do you and if he says no then let go and say ok then go! And if he says yes say I think thats really sweet and kiss him on the cheek( if you like him) and if you don't say anything just give him a sad look and just walk away! Hope it works and good luck!:)
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Ok so I have the same situation but we have this friend and he just would make fun of us and then goes and tells every1 he knows and I am not ready 4 that
any advice PLEASE HELP
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So you guys are good friends, you guys can talk openly to each other. I don't see the problem. Talk about future girlfriends he'd like and review yourself to see if you fit the bill.  Good luck! <3
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I have the same problem ive been friends with a guy I like f0r almost 13 years and I don't know ho to tell him that I like him more then a friend should I let him tell me or should I make the first move?

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