How Do You Lead A Guy On?


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. Putting one more kiss at the end of an email than he did. Women are naturally friendly - if flirting is a mountain, they're always walking in the lower foothills. But men want to get to the peak as soon as possible. Your extra 'x' was done without thinking. He assumes you're starting an auction of kisses that will end up with the two of you in bed.

2. Saying you like his shirt. The average man doesn't notice clothes - if you notice his, he'll think it's because you want to see them on your bedroom floor.

3. Asking questions about his girlfriend. You're just being nosy about his love life. He thinks you want a walk-on part in it.

4. Talking about your own relationship problems. You find it easy to discuss these things. Men don't, so he'll imagine that you're auditioning replacements for your boyfriend.

5. Approaching him at a party. Men see starting a conversation as the first stage of seduction. They can't understand why you'd do it just to be friendly.

6. Touching his arm as you talk. Women are more tactile than men - they forget that testosterone can be brought to the boil by the merest brush of a female hand.

7. Teasing him. You're doing it simply because you can, and it amuses you. He sees it as an early phase of the mating ritual.

8. Ignoring a call on your mobile when you're with him. You hit 'divert' because it's your boss and you don't want to talk to her - but the man's ego tells him you're captivated by his witty conversation.

9. Re-applying your make-up. A fresh coat of lip-gloss makes you feel good about yourself. He thinks it's being done to attract him.

10. Dancing with him. It's an Abba record - you'd dance with the nearest hat-stand - but your partner in boogie assumes that you want his body.
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Well first off, you have to have noo feelings for him, like you would only like him as a friend. Then your extra nice and you pay more attention to him, you flirt a LITTLE just enough so he wont try anything right away. Then, just keep flirting a little bit and there you go, you got a puppy dog for life.
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But wait what if he lead me on first?
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Why would you want to lead a guy on? That sounds pretty cruel, and remember, whatever you put out there in the Universe, it comes back to you! Would you want to be led on by someone you were fond of, only to find out they were just using you?

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