How Do I Steal A Girlfriend From Someone With Minimal Damage?


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Why would you want to still somebody's girlfriend? That's messed up. Is the guy cheating on his girl? Is the guy mistreating the girl? I can see maybe you want to do this because the guy is up to no good, but just to still somebody's girlfriend is EVIL. Would you like it if somebody did that to you? You would want to kick somebody's butt or kill them. You need to think about  what you r doing because it sounds very conniving and cold. Look for some other girl. She may be better than this girl. That's respect. Don't do that because it is too risky and you may get hurt because people respond to that differently than others. Other men may get over it while other men may want to literally kill you. Be careful.
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This is the thing. She likes me...more than him. But she....just doesn't want to let go. And she even said that we seemed like more of a couple then they ever did. I'm just really confused. And the guy is....well....he's just really messed up. He's jumping to conclusions. Calling her names...abusing her verbally....And she still stays with him, saying that she loves him too much to leave. And yet she says she loves me too. How confusing is that?! I know it seems bad that I'm trying to steal her, but it's for her own good. Because if I don't do something, she's going to get hurt. And I don't want that to happen.
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Karen Henchen
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I definately understand what you mean, but if that is the case, he is verbally abusive and she actually loves you, what is stopping her from leaving him? If she is worried he will hurt her, then she needs to go to the police or something. I am just worried that you will be stuck in the middle of all this, the boyfriend might beat you up instead. Its a risky situation, do what you think you need to do, just be careful! Good luck
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You can't steal someone's girlfriend. She is a person, not a possession. It is up to her if she wants to be with you or him. Have you talked to her about it? If she is also interested, then you don't have to do anything but wait. She needs to breakup with her boyfriend and move on with you. The worst thing you could do is try to put yourself in the middle of it until its over. Don't make any attempts to make him look bad, or start rumors.. Just sit back and wait. If she really likes you and she's worth it, then you should respect that she has to let her boyfriend down gently before she jumps into your arms.
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You know what do it bro follow your heart but he is going try to try to fight you but that's nothing beat him up and take her but don't go looking for him just to fight him to get it over with na just wait he will come to you and let it happen
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If you want the opinion of my shoulder angel, don't. It'll only cause you harm. If you want the opinion of my shoulder devil, do it. You could think of a way to split them up, execute your plan, make your move, and zap!you get the girl and mr. Boyfriend gets thrown out like a sack full of day old dhiarea diapers covered in cat vomit with moldy balogna. But if you want my mind's opinion, find another girl, someone just as good. And if you're thinking,
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Go for it if she realy matters too you and her boyfriends that bad definatly do it... But definatly ignore the previous boyfriend because how your desribing him he sounds like he would over react and probaly do something crazy but you should do it anyways but do it discreatly
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That's unfair! Don't. Where did you get this idea from?
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Don`t do it,no need to steal there are a lot of good girls who are out there single and beautiful.the guy might kill you

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