My Girlfriend Has Lost Interest In Sex, Should I Be Worried About Our Relationship? What Should I Do?


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Depends how dramatic the loss of sex she has. If it just a little I wouldnt worry. If its a lot could mean cheating. Could mean problems between you and her relationship wise and how she feels. Could be stress. Could be anything!! TO BE HONEST

I think looking at it regarding relationship wise and how it effects you and her. If she doesnt want sex I don't think you should pester her. I think the biggest strain will be the fact that you want to. Which could damage the relationship. When shes ready again she will. Continue to be loving etc. If for a while she still isn't inserted I would talk to her about it and see how she feels.

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I think that you shouldn't really worry about it..Maybe you guys just need something to spice up the relationship again..So try something new that will make the both of you guys intrest..One thing that you should know..If you guys do it too much  it'll make it boring and you'll lose intrest in sex..Try to do it less so it'll make the both of you guys want it..Hope that this help.
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Well it depends.  I will say this, most of the time, I would say 90 percent, when a person losses interest in sex, it is because there is something wrong with the relationship. It could be anything from she's not happy with you or you guys argue all the time or she feels insecure with her appearance. I would seriously think long and hard on your relationship out side of the bed room. Are you guys happy?  If there is something outside of the bedroom that is constricting problems then there is a good possibility why she doesn't want sex.  Also, men are very sexual human beings. There are a lot of factors that can cause a woman to not want sex such as a stressful job, menopause, taking care of the kids ect.  Talk to her respectfully but once you analyze what might be going on.  Good luck
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This is not a good sign.If she's not interested anymore she must be seeing someone else.Sorry,but it sound's that way to,sex,respect,feeling's hold the relationship together.

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