When You Have Sex, Do You Have To...?


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No , of course not..but let me tell you most men do like it "cleaned up" a little bit...but this is up to you its all about what you feel comfortable with..
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No you don't have to but I think that most men like it when its shaved/wax. If you don't want to shave it all off just try giving yourself a trim and stay nice and tidy down there believe me guys love that because if it ain't shaved then they know your keeping yourself maintain and groomed down there but its really up to you and what your comfortable with.
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I think it depends on the culture. In most Asian countries, men will think you are weird if you shave all the hair, but in western coutries, it seems men like you get it 'cleaned up'.
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Paul answered
I really like it shaved/waxed. You can lick and nibble on everything around and not get a mouth full of hair. The whole area is sensitive, so I like to take advantage of that sensitivity.
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John McConnehey answered
Some men like hairy. The hair traps natural phermonal odors that are owner specific to each woman.  These odors can be very simulating.  Like everything sexual there's no right or wrong, only what you and your partner desire.
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Shave that thing or atleast trim it well. I like a small runway patch. I hate hair in my teeth.

I'm not trying to be gross or inappropriate. I am bieng a man. These are the things we say when we talk. I know not all men are like this but in general we all like certain things to appear taken care of, not just in the sex department. Of course you don't have to shave but the nicer it looks the more likley we are to want to spend time with it and you. That is if that is what your man is asking/hinting for.  If it is really not important to your man then don't worry. Be sure that your decision is above all, comfortable for you.
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Sarah answered
You don't have to if you don't like the idea, but a lot of couples prefer it. There are many possibilities - from just trimming and tidying up, to complete hair removal, and anything in between.
Personally, I find it more sensitive to be completely hair-free down there, not to mention cleaner and more hygienic.

Waxing is initially more painful but you get a smoother finish, it lasts longer, and there aren't so many problems with ingrowing hairs during regrowth.

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