How Old Do You To Be Have Sex?


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Ok. I'm sure these first 2 answers aren't something you wanted to read. I know from experience at 13 you don't want to listen to people trying to be your parents. Let me first say I know where you are coming from completely. I only stayed innocent up until I was 14. I'm not telling you this so that you think what you are doing is ok. I have many regrets in life. I am 23 and have 3 children. I don't regret having my children but becoming sexual at such a young age led to many other things in my life. I missed out on a lot too. I think we are all just trying to tell you that you truly don't want to grow up too fast and miss out on just being a kid....or teenager.

You have SO many more years ahead of you for that, there's plenty of other things you could be doing now. In the end, if you are like every other teenager then you're probably not going to listen to us adults and just do what you want to anyway. So having said all this, if you still decide having sex is something YOU want to do (and you're not just following the crowd) then PLEASE use a condom. Be safe. I'm not here to judge, and I'm definetly not here to tell you that you are going to hell, I understand people are having sex younger and younger these days. Just live your life to the fullest, and by that I mean do what you TRULY believe in your heart is right for you. You don't want a life filled with regrets. Good luck to you.
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It is not the age persay unless you are really young, but it is your marital status. It is best to wait until you are married before you have sex. God bless.
samantha aderhold
U are so wrong u are suposed to have sex when u are married!!!! Thats what the bible says
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The question isn't how old you should be, it's whether or not you're married yet! Sex should wait until marriage.
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You can have sex when you are legal which is 18 years old for me personally but you can have sex at any age as long as you pass puberty. You should not be having sex when you are underage though since people will judge you based on age and it is better to have sex when you are over 18 to make it seem more mature and responsible. That way when you get out of your parents' house, you will be able to understand the use of birth control and condom usage.
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Dang man! It's not all that. You should not be trying to grow up so fast.

Why don't you spend your spare time been young. Old people have sex because they don't have the imagination that younger ones do.

Slow down your not having enough fun begin young. Go fishing, race some four wheelers, hang out on boards man. My best friend had a kid at 12. We never got to hang out anymore after that. Not considering the fact that your always broke. How you going to be all wrapped up in grown up issues and not kid problems. Slow down big guy!
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Have as much sex as you want, it's not going to hurt anything.  Don't let people tell you its wrong or your loosing your innocence, why are you losing anything; your not.  Don't buy into the guilt trip adults lay on you, they are having sex and plenty of it; so are the not innocent or something.  Sex is a natural thing, and only people put dozens of rules on it, and try to control it.  Do it and be happy.
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Any age if your younger wear a Condom if you and your girlfriend wants a child take a test first you and your girlfriend and if ok go for it 
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I don't care I started when I was 15 and it ruined my life when she got pregnant. So I would wait until say like 16 or 17
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I started at 11. I am fine now but I thiink I have a much bigger sex appetite than most women. I don't have any inhibitions as long as it is with just my hubby and I
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I don't think that you should be really having  sex at this age... I mean if you want to miss out on being a kid and a teen then thats fine. It's your desicion if you want to  be an adult at that age.
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After you have all your stuff together!  your not supposed to in your teen years! Thats just being fast and actin grown! At least 20s. And if you can't wait to bad! Tough luck! There's a possibility to being prego or gettin someone prego! No itz not dayuum okay! Your still a little KID! Stay in your place!
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The yougest girl to ever get pregnant was 5 years old in south america in the 30s. So biologically thats probably the limit. Normally starting at 12-13 is the biological average. The legality is meaningless. In Iceland the age of consent is 14 in america 18.
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You are way too young! Are you ready for a child? When you are prepared to raise a child you are ready for sex. Do you have a job?A home that you live in without your parents? Can you pay for diaper? Do you have health insurance? Do you want to miss prom? How about missing out on college and the whole high school experience. Which is more important Missing out on being a kid or sex? Stop now.
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Go for it! If you want to have sex then just go and have it. No one can stop you from deciding what you want to do to your life. I was like you but I'm 15 and have had sex 18 times. After the 3 time having sex I decided I was to young so I started making my boyfriend wear a condom!
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I am 12 and think sex is ok if you like it if you are ready for a kid don't were a condom but at our age I would deffently advice using one!! Have fun and be safe at it.
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Sex is not a fun game it is a relation of two people two souls made by god and which should be applied after marriage but now a days the position is too bad to say. In your condition I must say that you are not only too young for sex but also not independent.
By the word independent I do not mean that you can not shout on you elders I mean to say you might be in new at high school or going to join your high school in few months to after some years, your parents are one who are going to pay for your education, they are the one who brought you up until now and later too.

Have you ever noticed what the age difference between you and them is real much right may be maximum 25-30 years gap? So your father definitely completed his education and started job and later got married and obviously he had sex before but definitely not at his age may be at 18 maximum because he knew if he did any mistake he can do a job to give basic needs to his child.

If you still not understood then I will say think once if you made any girl pregnant what will you do then I hope you do not have any money to abort the child and abortion is not only get rd of your fun making mistake it is also a crime, a murder which can also take you towards hell when you will die. Lastly, stay away from this type of things work hard make your identity as a mature man and then do what ever you wish.
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I really disagree with you about abortion. Yes, you are killing something. But that something didn't know what was outside the womb. It is so tiny, it is barely human. It is not like you are sticking a knife through a full grown baby's chest. That would be way wrong; that I agree with. But that is just my opinion...

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