How Do You Have Sex?


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Sex: It's one of our main biological functions, and yet we seem to struggle a great deal when we attempt to talk about it.

If you want to know how to have sex, then the answer is that there are many different ways to engage in sexual activity.

In the most conventional sense, sex usually refers to the insertion of a male's penis into the vagina of a female. The erogenous zones are stimulated, resulting in orgasm.

Learning about sex

Although sexual intercourse is essentially the means by which humans reproduce, having sex is often seen as a deeply personal physical embodiment of the love between two adults. For some, its chief purpose is the carnal and instinctive pursuit of physical pleasure.

However people view sex, there'll come a point in every adolescent's life when they get curious about what exactly 'having sex' entails.

These days, there are usually three sources of sexual information available to most young people:
  • Parents
  • Sex-education class at school
  • The internet
I guess reading an answer on Blurtit falls into the third category!

The first thing I'd say is that it is important to get as much information as you can about sex before you actually go ahead and try it out.

Speaking to your parents, and attending 'sex-ed' classes at school can be awkward, but at least it allows you to have a balanced introduction to sex. The internet, although a very useful source of information, is an unfiltered and often misleading source of sexual advice.

How to have sex

Having said that, if you're interested in finding out the physical steps to having sexual intercourse, you could do a lot worse than take into consideration the following:

  • Sex is often preceded by something called foreplay. This can involve anything from kissing through to touching. This part allows the body to become stimulated, in preparation for sex. In guys, this means the shaft of the penis will fill with blood and become hard and erect. For ladies, it means the vaginal passage becomes wet or 'lubricated', facilitating the next part:
  • The penis is inserted into the vagina. There are a number of positions this can be done from. I won't go into too much detail, but there is plenty of information about sex-positions on the internet.
  • One or both partners thrust their hips. This causes the penis to move backwards and forwards inside the vagina creating pleasurable friction. This is continued until either or both people reach orgasm. In women, stimulation of the clitoris is usually important to reaching sexual climax.
The risks of sex

Whilst sex can undoubtedly be a very pleasurable experience, it is really important that you look into the risks involved in having sex before you go ahead and try it out for yourself.

Topics you may want to read up on include:
  • Sexual health and sexual infections
  • Safe sex and contraception
  • Pregnancy
  • Ethical and religious implications of sex
  • Legality of sex
  • Relationships
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SEX. You take off your clothes & he follows.go to a private place he lies down beside you. Then lie still while he licks your vagina. Then he puts his penis inside your vagina.Tip: Have a bath in the same bathtub at the same time. Have fun while you do it.
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Don't do it if you feel pressurized, only do it if you love them and your sure you want to. Make it special and be relaxed lie down and just cosy up start kissing and take each others clothes off and get closer and the guy will put his banana in your peach and let him do some of the work but add into it. Just make sure its special. Have fun xx
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These answers are ok but in my opinion sex is for people who really love each other and want to make a family. To do so you stick your limousine in to the girls garage and go for a wild ride. Or another way to explain it is you stick the cookie in the oven and then have the frosting put on it and eventually the eggs in the back of the oven will hatch. But seriously ask your parents. Don't for get your rubbers have fun.... Haha haha
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First you need to find someone you love. Then when the time is right you will be in a bed and the boy will start kissing your neck and taking your shirt off. Then he will take his clothes off and then he will shove his penis in your vagina.
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Sounds good to me
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Sound good to me too.cant wait
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Omg!!!!!!! I totally cant wait to have sex this weekend...........ooooooo my bf got me sum vibrators and no condoms!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!
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It depends what you mean by having sex. Sexual intercourse might also be used to refer to sex acts between two men or between two women.
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You lay down then start kissing all over the then the boy will take his peanut then put it in yours. THAT'S HOW YOU HAVE SEX.
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Well, you basically have to like rub yourslef (there) first to get "wet" and then he puts it in and goes in and out you can go on your hands and knees on a bed and he stands and then just keep it going.

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