What kinds of things break your heart?


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When something bad happens to someone I actually care about. Take my boyfriend for instance. Something happened when he was younger and it. . . . When I learned of it, I honestly didn't know what to say. (what can you say to that?) Let's just leave it at this: I want his father to die slowly by means of continuous torture. Hooray for cutting someone's vocal cords out and feeding them to a cat!
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Back stabbing makes my heart break.
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John commented
It's not the back stabbing that hurts it is when they give it a twist and then break it off leaving it to fester.: ) hahahahaha that's when you have to learn to give to God and let him deal with it his way.
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Deaths, homeless people
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I hate it when i want to do something and can't do it due to some reason,i hate it when people get rude with no reason,and i also hate it when i m all alone.
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Mindless violence,  child abuse, people ill treating animals.  People caught up in poverty,  people suffering during natural disasters, and famine.  Things that I can't personally give any help.  And really anyone who is really sad for whatever reason .
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I can't think of anything except constipation, or the death of a loved one or good friend...♥
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Mostly everything Lyonese said and the 2 main ones are when a loved one breaks my heart or dogs and cats are abused.
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Well, I have seen much poverty and been in horrible places; but, I think the thing that bothers me the MOST is when children get pregnant. I have become so disappointed with 90% of American parents. It is very difficult to be a parent even though YOU may be a very successful (career-wise) person. Anyone can have baby; but, to raise a child with good character is another story. Parents do not instill the importance or non importance of having sex into their daughters/sons. Children are so precious and it takes TIME and PLENTY of conversation to nurture them into STRONG adults. It is NOT something that you can do overnight while enjoying all of your own bad habits. Young kids do NOT understand that when u become pregnant and have that child, there comes about a grand responsibility and you become ZERO because ur child is FIRST always until one of you meets your maker. Having a child should be PURE joy and when one is YOUNG, you miss out on LIFE and fun that you should be able to ENJOY while young. Youth is a terrific and in 2010, things are rough enough without children. Teenagers and young adults should be able to travel and do things that they will not be able to do when old.....that's why we are young FIRST.
So to answer ur question, abortion, young pregnancies and the whole idea of young people (meaning babies, teenagers < 17) having sex breaks my heart. Young people do not understand enough about sex to be having it because it is not really about sex.....it is about truly loving someone and giving that person a portion of you who no other will ever have. Love is a great experience and should not be minimized to hopping in the back seat, etc.
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Penny Kay
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I discussed this with my son as he was growing up. I feel males need the same lesson for responsibility. I think church helps with this. Anyway he is a gentleman and is having the time of his life, enjoying the things that College age students do, and he is a fine role model, with a brilliant future. I hate to see teens ruin their lives, and parents who will not consider birth control since they have taught them no other kind of control.
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Yes, Pencil, u r right. Sons do NEED this just as much as daughters and I laud you for being a terrific mother. It is very difficult to just make a child everything and give yourself up while raising children. It is truly a sacrafice!! But, one well worth it. I am sorry in many ways that I did not make my daughter go to church; but, Idid read the Bible to her and give her many SERMONS...ha. She did the Vacation Bible School thing and took summer trips. TBC.........
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I did send mine through Catholic elementary until I became disenchanted with the silly crap. People wanted to run off and not face responsibilities. Too many clicks and I;m not clickish. Anyway, I appreciate ur comments and it was a great question!! Again, bravo for raising a GOOD man.
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Seeing america/and americans turn a blind eye to the gay agenda corrupting minors/ kids by trying to indoctrinate them into thinking the lifestyle is okay with the one and only creator God and the rest of the world. They don't even see how far america has fallen into corruption/sin. Then they wonder why america is slowly going into a permanent recession ,having fires,floods,storm damage year after year draining americas resources. Letting china buy up oil wells(reserves) 50 miles off the coast of florida while the president puts a ban on offshore oil production (losing even more american jobs)for the united states.(i wonder how many of you knew this little news blip).knowing that we could have a E.M.P.  Attack that could cripple america and that the  effects of it could be prevented by the government investing 60 billion dollars.knowing that we have people on this planet that commit atrocities in the name of their god and then say that the united states deserved to be attacked and that united states planned the attack on the twin towers(crashing 2 jumbo jets) so they could go to war in the middle east. Knowing that we have allowed these same people into the united states to help bring it down by any means necessary(sharia law) while lying to our faces under the guise of a peaceful religion.maybe the united states government and people will wake up before it's too late and stop another 9/11 from possibly happening again.the taking of God/yhwh/Jesus out of the schools and public view because of special interest groups who have no interest in a safe america for all.the lack of concern/morals/ethics/common sense and rights of and for the mourning at a burial cerimony for a soldier who gave their life defending their rights to do so in the right place at the right time not at the cerimony where a mother,father,son,daughter,friends has lost a family member and are trying to say good bye to them until they see them again in heaven if they are saved..i could not believe the lack of concern on the part of a religious group and gay rights group arguing outside of a cemetery while someone was being placed into their final resting place on earth. Talk about heart breaking these groups did not even realize what a example they are showing to the rest of the world. I have never ever seen such lack of heart from people who claim they want to be treated fairly/equally when they fail to do so themselves.they were so blinded by their sinful lives that they could not see what they were actually doing to anyone else......let's just say what really breaks my heart is that God/yhwh/Jesus will not stay his hand much longer to give these same people a chance to repent of their sins by their God given free will. That is truly going to be a heartbreaking day for God/yhwh/Jesus.to have toi destroy his own creations/children.
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My list is not all that long - elder abuse and child abuse (physical and verbal) heads it up.  What is more heart breaking than have someone who is supposed to love and protect you (and who you love)  be the person who mistreats and abuses you?  Innocent children who are caught up in the divorce of their parents and are being used a pawns is a disgrace and heart breaking.  Children that are terminally ill breaks my heart.  It is heart wrenching for anyone to be ill to the point of death,  but somehow it seems worse when it is a child.
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Agreed, Nanat. It is espec. Sad when a loved one abuses you. My husband had an affair with a major dirty white trash ho. Our 10 year old informed me that something was going on with his cell phone cuz she'd play games on it. I ignored it UNTIL she kept pushing my buttons demanding that I do smthg about it. Ok...I dumped him,flat and simple. We have had a beautiful 7 years NOW...just me and her. I thank him for it everyday in my heart and I thank God that He made me strong enuf to do it!!!
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I was watching dis movie and an old man was crying it was soo sad i didn't think that old people crying would be so sad but it really was I mean of course anyone crying is sad but I had to turn the channel. Also animal abuse, child abuse,poverty,war,cancer and other life threatening diseases. There are a lot of  other things I could name to. : (
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I find a .50 cal bullet very effective for breaking hearts...
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Penny Kay
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You're not near as evil as you would have us believe.
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Oh! Oh! : ) they can only break a heart if it is made of stone. : ) .oh! Otherwise the bullet would pass through and then the onsite m.a.s.h. Doctor would just perform some surgery and fix the hole in their heart.oh oh ! That's good.in case you don't get it the physician is God/Jesus/yhwh who just fixed that 50 cal bullet hole in your heart. Man he's good.even when you use a sarcastic answer he has a parable to cover it.fixing hearts and taking names Jesus the Christ king of surgeons.i made this
megan clay
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Thats kinda disturbing.........
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Lying to    cheated  on  but most of all all these senseless killings people inflicting hurt on one another. Seeing all the starving children  no homes.
People  who hurt animals
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Everything you said... Can't get much worse than that. Animal abuse mostly tears me apart.

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