What If A Friend Prefers The Company Of Others Because You Are Not As Interesting, And Only Comes To You When In Need Of Advice Or Solution To A Problem?


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Its time to go some were else to ask there advise, if your not so interesting.
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Jacquelyn Mathis
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That isn't the point, what you do is tell them that you appreciate that they want your advice, but that you feel like there isn't a real friendship going on there, and talking about it might make things better between them.
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I figure they need a actual friend that can help them while the others are just their to use them(me).... To party with and not really their friends when it comes to sticking around when they really need help.sort of like people that don't help in a emergency or crisis when it happens in front of them.
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A friend isn't there for help only, they are there for you, your company, and because they like you. If someone is just there for help for themselves, and has no real concern for you, then that isn't a friend. At this point, I would talk to them about this, and how you feel about it. Maybe this person will see what they are doing, or, they might just go on their merry way. Hope this helps you out.
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This is just what happens to me , so I need help on that as well. LOL.
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A friend is a friend and they are of different faces too. In a case like this, it wouldn't matter to me for he or she has reasons for being with other people's company. Nevertheless, in times of needs...since that person is one I consider a friend...no matter what...I'd still be around to lend a helping hand and will try to help that friend to the best I can. I also feel needed and can say to myself..."Ah, I'm still the best!"...meaning there's no other person who can give him or her that much comfort than I do.
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Then they're not a real friend, they're just using you. Explain to them that there's no point in you being friends if they're going to do that :)
you could also prove that you're just as interesting as anyone else :)
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He/she is a real friend. That only means that your advice is the most important to him/her above anyone.
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What FRIEND???
Friendship doesn't work that way.  
Friendship ideals in give and take...
And I don't mean you give and this
'friend' takes.  Find someone else.
This person's just a drain on your
emotions, and, almost certainly,
always will.

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