Why anyone hates me without any reason?


5 Answers

Meta Forrest Profile
Meta Forrest answered
People don't have to give a reason .  So live with it .
Dena Beech Profile
Dena Beech answered
I don't think they hate you i think there jealous of you maybe something about you or what you do that people get jealous of. Or there is something wrong with them that there not happy about within themselves. Here's the definition of jealous = suspicious of rival or of one believed to enjoy the advantage.
Bill Gates Profile
Bill Gates answered
We live on the planet Earth, here is a place where asshole run around pissing people off, so that is probably why you think everybody hates you, but they don't they are just another asshole.
katelynn o'gara Profile
katelynn o'gara answered
I dont hate u !!!!! And people r stupid they have no lives
Living Ever Profile
Living Ever answered
I would love to say cause their total twinkle d***es, but i think its cause their either jealous or need to hate someone cause someone hates them. I wouldnt take it personaly hun, their just judgemental

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